Summer Fun - Funky Frozen Treat Day

Today we are back to share another Summer FUN Day.   Each FUN Day we share in this series has a theme and is packed with activities to keep kids busy and having fun this Summer.  Be sure to check our SUPER S'more Day and WACKY Watermelon Day if you missed them.  Today's theme centers around our favorite frozen treats!

FuNkY Frozen Treat Day

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Rosie and Jewel love Popsicles and ice cream so they were REALLY excited when I told them we were having a frozen treat themed FUN Day.  We already had everything we needed for this FUN Day, too.  Since there was no need to go to the store I built excitement by having the girls help me gather all of the necessary supplies from around the home.  Then it was time for the FUN to begin!

MAGIC Popsicle Painting
What would Summer be without popsicles?  Both my girls LOVE this frozen treat and were very excited when I told them they were going to paint with MAGIC popsicles

I made magic popsicle paint very similar to how I made MAGIC Treasure ice only I used paint instead of water and food coloring.  You could use food coloring and water to make your magic popsicle paint if you prefer though. 

To make MAGIC Popsicle paint you will need:
I filled our popsicle tray roughly half way with baking soda.  Then I added the paint along with a bit of water and mixed the ingredients well before freezing.  After several hours our MAGIC popsicle paint was ready!

I gave the girls a few bowls of vinegar so that they could dip their popsicles and make the MAGIC happen

Painting with the FIZZING popsicles was lots of FUN

As usual, both girls ended up covered in paint.  Since we used washable tempera paint there was no need to worry though.   It washes right off of skin and out of clothes.

The girls painted with their popsicles for quite a while and even returned to them to paint a little more after the next activity

Scooping Races
Rosie and Jewel have really enjoyed all of the fun games we have been playing throughout this series. When the idea of a scooping race came to me I was really excited to see how they would like it.

You could use real ice cream for a scooping race, but I knew all my girls would want to do is eat that so we used a bit of ice cream dough.  Ice cream dough is easy to make and can be made in a variety of Summer scents.  See our Summer dough collection for lots of ideas.

I filled a container with cotton candy dough and added a couple ice cream scoops.  Both girls love filling and dumping so I was pretty sure they would love transferring the faux ice cream, and they did!

While I am pretty sure Rosie scooped a little faster, we called it a tie.  Both girls also had lots of fun playing and making ice creams once the scooping race was over.

Erupting Ice Creams
Those of you who follow along with us surely know  by now that baking soda and vinegar is one of our favorite ways to play.  It is frugal and SO FUN!  We have found TONS of ways to play with these simple ingredients and continually find more.  Making ERUPTING Ice Creams was sure to be a big hit with Rosie!

All you need to make erupting ice creams is baking soda, vinegar, and a box of ice cream cones.  We got ours for less than a dollar from Walmart.  You can use kool-aid to add color and scent to your play.  You could also use food coloring or liquid watercolors.

Rosie loved concocting her ice creams

And then making them erupt

She made the ice creams erupt over and over again


Ice Cream Targets
Once Rosie was done making erupting ice creams we used the cones for a bit of ice cream target practice.  I filled the cones with shaving cream to make faux ice creams.  Then I gave Rosie a squirt toy so she could knock the ice creams down.  

Rosie had so much fun with this!

 She refilled her water squirter and knocked the ice creams down again and again!


Jewel had lost interest in participating for the last two activities which comes as no surprise.  Her attention span increases more everyday, but it is still nowhere near Rosie's.  Both girls were super excited for the final activity though!

Make Your Own Frozen Treat
We always finish each FUN Day with a yummy Summer treat.  Today's treat doubled as a fun sensory activity, too!

Setting up a snow cone sensory shop was really simple.  We took ice from our freezer and crushed it in our blender.  You could also buy pre-crushed ice.  I filled squirt bottles with varying juices.  You could use real snow cone syrup if you prefer.  They sell it at Walmart for very inexpensive.  I used juice to make the snow cones a bit healthier, and they tasted delicious!

Both girls had lots of fun preparing their very own frozen treats

As they played they explored the cold ice and colorful juices

Jewel was very concentrated on making her treat just right

The girls mixed the flavors a bit, but both snow cones still turned out a beautiful color

And our Summer FUN Day ended with yummy bliss

There is no better tasting snow cone than one you made yourself!

FuNkY Frozen Treat Day was packed with FUN!  You could pull just one activity from this collection and cool off a hot Day.  I know we will be revisiting a few of these before Summer's end.  The MAGIC popsicle painting is sure to be a favorite all Summer long!

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