Summer Bucket List of FUN

Summer always seems to go by so fast!  It is my favorite time of year, and we never seem to get to all the fun things I want to do.   There are just so many ways to play and have fun in the warm weather!  Perhaps having a collection of fabulous play ideas at hand will help us cram as much into our days as possible!

Summer Bucket List
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I have scoured my favorite children's sites, and collected 150 Summer activities that we have either done and loved, or that we have seen on favorite sites and want to do before Summer's end.  Let's make this the BEST Summer yet!


Ice ~~~~~ Chilled Out Play ~~~~~ Ice

Explore color theory using ice  Red Ted Art
MAGIC Treasure Ice  Growing a Jeweled Rose

shaving cream & ice paint  Growing A Jeweled Rose
Freezing toys in ice Busy Hands Blessed Hearts
Ice painting Growing A Jeweled Rose

Painting a T-shirt with ice  The Iowa Farmers Wife
Ice letter hunt  Reading Confetti
Ice slide painting Putti's World

Hallowed ice balloons Sense of Wonder
Add objects to ice balloons  A Little Learning for Two
Ice and Water Growing A Jeweled Rose

Explore with ice & salt  Putti's World
Superhero Ice Castles  Daily Dose of Delight
Ice Princess Sensory World  Growing A Jeweled Rose
Sensory Play with Summer Snow  Growing a Jeweled Rose

play recipes

Natural ice boats  Reading Confetti
Build with ice cubes Train Up a Child
Ice Balloons- TONS of ways to play  Hurrayic
Icy Cold Freezy Dough  Growing a Jeweled Rose

Ice Bowling A Little Learning for Two
Painting on ice cream Tinkerlab
Icy Cold Freezy Paints  Growing a Jeweled Rose
Goop & Ice  Growing A Jeweled Rose
Freezy GOO!  Growing a Jeweled Rose


Chalk~~ Sidewalk Chalk ~~  Chalk

Sight word hopscotch Mom to Posh Lil Divas
Disappearing Letters activity Reading Confetti 
Chalk color match game  Inspiration Laboratories
Homemade FIZZING Sidewalk Paint  Growing a Jeweled Rose
Chalk Ice ( Chilled Out Sidewalk Chalk)  Growing a Jeweled Rose

ice chalk play recipe

Sidewalk Chalk Body Painting Train Up a Child
Word scavenger hunt Playdough to Plato
Make glowing chalk Growing A Jeweled Rose
Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint  Apartment Therapy


Rainbow trees Craft Interrupted
Make an outdoor chalk road Create with Your Hands
Chalk and puddle play  Mama Pea Pod
Make an outdoor chalkboard  Mommy Musings and Mayhem


Bubbles ~~ Bubbles ~~ Bubbles

Colorful bubble art Childhood Beckons!
Giant Sponge Sensory Play Growing A Jeweled Rose

Homemade colored bubbles Rainy Day Mum
10 fun ways to chase bubbles Kids Activities Blog
Make giant bubbles Come Together Kids
Fill a kiddie pool with bubbles Plain Vanilla Mom

Dish Soap Foam Dirt and Boogers
Make bubble snakes Come Together Kids
Make pretend potions like The Chocolate Muffin Tree
Bubbling concoctions  Growing A Jeweled Rose


Games ~Outdoor Games ~ Games

Go on a line hunt  Living Montessori Now
Pretend play fishing  Childhood Beckons

Pretend to fish with tips for solo and group play

Red Light, Green Light  Childhood Beckons
Water pistol target range Inner Child Fun
Giant marbles Family Fun
Water balloon volly  Family Corner
Get up and Move Dice  Growing a Jeweled Rose

Fishing for letters  Growing A Jeweled Rose
Kick the can  Mother Nature Network
Capture the Flag Mom it Forward
8 fun water games Family Fun
Sponge bomb bucket toss Inner Child Fun 

Blanket vollyball Fun Attic
Play wet potato   Suite 101
Have egg relays Imagine Childhood
Make your own Back Yard Games  See Jane Blog
Water filled cup races  Create My Event
Have cup races Happy Home Fairy

 Water Play ~~ Water Play ~~ Water Play

A tub of water Teach Preschool
Ice age water bin Happy Hooligans
Water and Sponge Play   Mama Mia's Heart to Heart

Ocean Small World Famiglia & Seoul
Explore simple water Science Creative Connections for Kids
Wash the car together  Laugh with Us
Make a kidwash  Sugarsnips
Make a Water Blob  Clumsy Crafter

waterblobtutorial Water Blob: Tutorial

Water beads in the play pool  Train up a Child!
Give your dolls a bath  Mama Peapod
Dinosaur water bin like Happy Hooligans!
Summer Sensory Pools  Growing A Jeweled Rose
Princess Sensory Pool Growing A Jeweled Rose

3 imaginative water play ideas  Learn with Play at Home
Colored water play A Little Learning for Two
Put out fires Toddler Approved

Water transfer activity  Learn with Play at Home!
Make sailboats  Irresistible Ideas for Play based Learning
DIY water wall  Timkerlab
Make your own slip-n-slide Inner Child Fun!
Make a PVC sprinkler  She Wears Flowers
Make a Kiddie Wash  Kid Crave

Kiddie Car Wash

Water bottle water fountain Toddler Approved
Make a tin foil river  Little Panda's Playschool
Play with water balloons  Paint Cut Paste
Water balloon towel toss Love, Play, Learn
Give your cozy coup a wash  JDaniel4's Mom
Floating sponge sculptures  The Chocolate Muffin Tree!

Rain Shadows  The Chocolate Muffin Tree
Diving for Sharks  Toddler Approved
Origami Water Bombs Eden Project
Squirt races  Essential Baby

Sand ~~ Sand ~~  Sand 
It just wouldn't feel like Summer without some sand play!

Make sand castles- Mommy with Selective Memory
Paint sandcastles Sandy Toes & Popsicles

Tell stories in the sand  Paint Cut Paste
Make your own sandbox  The Golden Gleam
Colored sand ice cream shop A Little Learning for Two!
Make a thrifty sandbox like Mama Smiles
Make some sand sensory art  Hands on: as we grow
Make a road using sand The Good Long Road
Make sand art The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Don't have the real thing?  Try these fun alternatives!

Make cloud dough like Tinkerlab
Color it and set up a cloud dough ice cream shop like Inner Child Fun

Cornmeal Castles Sensory Play from Creative with Kids

~~ Play After Dark ~~ 

I jut love warm Summer nights, and always loved playing after dark as a child.  Here are some fun ways to extend those Summer days by playing into the night!

Go camping in your own backyard like Kids Stuff World
Play flashlight tag like Creative Family Fun!
Catch fireflies Crafty Moms Share
Make glow jars  like Latest Handmade!
Play Glow in The Dark Dancing  Childhood Beckons
Put glow sticks in balloons and take them outside- A Little Learning for Two
outdoor family movie night like Simple Pleasures

Go on a glow stick hunt like Childhood Beckons
Make Glowing Lanterns  Growing a Jeweled Rose

 Play Sleeping Pirate-
Explore with submersible LED lights in the play pool!

Whew!  There you have it!  150 Summer Play Ideas!

There are so many activities on this list I am hoping to get to this Summer, and time is just flying by!  We better get busy!  How many do you think you can fit in?

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