Rudolph Christmas Bath

We are so excited for Christmas this year!  We have been having lots of fun incorporating the holiday into our play in all sorts of ways!  The other night we watched Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer  for the first time this year and then followed it with a very special bath time!

Let me start by saying, in hindsight, perhaps I should have went with a different color water.  The thought didn't even cross my mind until readers made comments.  I find it rather funny now buy you may want to use red food coloring to color the bath instead, and no, Rudolph did not poo on the water =P  

Rudolph Christmas Bath
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This was such a fun way to follow the Rudolph movie and bring it to life for Jewel and Rosie!

This bath was super simple to set up!  As I filled the tub I colored the water brown using brown food coloring I purchased in the baking/cupcake aisle at Walmart.  Food coloring does not stain the bath or skin when used in this way.  I also tossed in a bit of glittery snow purchased from The Dollar Tree.  

Rudolph Christmas Bath

I cut Rudolph bath stickers out of craft foam. 

 These Rudolph bath stickers can be stuck and re-stuck over and over again!  I purchased all the craft foam to make them at Michaels for $2.  When craft foam is wet it magically sticks to bath walls.

Then I set out reindeer antlers, bells, and a bit of red paint so the girls could paint their noses red.  This is what the bath looked like when the girls walked in.

They were so excited!

They loved the Rudolph bath stickers!
Rudolph Christmas Bath Activity

Rosie embellished her Rudolph with a bit of the red paint 
Rudolph craft
She also used some of the mouths as feet =)

As they decorated their Rudolph faces I read the book, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
  Then, it was time to paint their noses!

This was SO FUN!!  Rosie was especially enthralled!

And the photos captured will be treasured by mommy for many years to come!


This was such a fun Rudolph themed bath time & this is only one of the many FUN and special Christmas baths we have to share!

Introducing Christmas week on Bath Activities for Kids! 
November 26th- December 3rd
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It's Christmas week on Bath Activities for Kids!  Pop over there all week long and find new and creative Christmas themed baths.  With one a day every day this week you are sure to find something that your little ones will LOVE!
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