Christmas Activities- Scented Gingerbread Paint

Today we whipped up a batch of scented gingerbread paint!  It is so simple to make and smells AMAZING!

Scented Gingerbread Paint for Christmas Activities
Christmas activities- gingerbread scented paint recipe
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We made this paint in the same way we made pumpkin spice paint only we used cinnamon and brown paint.  

To make gingerbread scented paint:

Mix cinnamon into brown paint.  We use Colorations washable tempera paint.  I did not measure.  I just added a few sprinkles and stirred, then added a touch more until the paint smelled just like gingerbread.  

Christmas activities- DIY scented paint

We have lots of ideas using this paint:

Paint gingerbread houses
Paint pine cones and then hang them in the home
Paint a cardboard box to make a scented 3D gingerbread house
Paint gingerbread people
Make your own scented Christmas cards 
DIY holiday cards - scented

These are on our to do list.  We will definitely be making a variety of scented holiday cards for friends and family as Christmas nears.  All you need is construction paper and Christmas scented paint.  Not only could you make gingerbread paint but also peppermint or pine scented paint.  We made all three last year and found so many fun ways to use them!  Give little ones whatever other materials you might have on hand too- Christmas stickers, ribbon, glitter, and more!  

These are just a few ideas using this fun scented paint!  Check back with us to see what else we do with our gingerbread scented paint!

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