Santa's Magic Milk {Experiment}

My kids love Science, and they LOVE Christmas.  Today, I combined the two with a fun Christmas science experiment.

Santa's Magic Milk
Experiment for Kids
SANTA's MAGIC MILK- experiment for kids
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Have you ever tried the magic milk experiment ?  We have and Rosie and Jewel loved it so much I knew that they would love to try it again.  Nothing says Santa like a tall glass of milk and cookies, so we turned our magic milk into magical Santa milk.

Optional Additions:
Line a shallow dish with milk.  We used a clear pie pan.  Add a drop of peppermint extract to the milk if scent is desired.  Add glitter to the milks surface.  Then, add a small drop of food coloring on each outer pie forth like this

SANTA'S MAGIC MILK- experiment for kids

Discuss how the food coloring sits on top of the milks surface.  Given Rosie's age I just had her make the observation without going further into the Scientific explanation.

Next, take the popsicle stick and dip one end in dish soap, and then place that end right in the center of the milk.  This is when the magic happens!

SANTA'S MAGIC MILK- experiment for kids

The colors will slowly begin to swirl and continue to swirl more and more.  You will also notice all of the glitter jump to the outer surface- a great discovery!  The glitter definitely added more Science to this experiment!

SANTA'S MAGIC MILK- experiment for kids

SANTA'S MAGIC MILK- experiment for kids
SANTA'S MAGIC MILK- experiment for kids

Rosie delighted in adding more food coloring and glitter throughout the experiment

SANTA'S MAGIC MILK- experiment for kids

I also dipped the Popsicle stick in dish soap a few different times to get the momentum going again.  Once we took the Popsicle out the glitter mixed in with the milk and food coloring.  Rosie had a blast splashing around in the magical milk, too!

This experiment was truly magical!  I kept the scientific explanation light since my girls are still so young, but you can read more details about the science behind the magic milk experiment here.

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