Candy Cane Science Activity

This erupting candy cane Science was so FUN!  Easy set up and little mess, too!

Erupting Candy Cane Science
Candy Cane Science Experiment

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The first thing we needed to do for this activity was whip up a batch of candy cane vinegar. All you need to make candy cane vinegar is vinegar, peppermint extract, and red food coloring.  Mix a few drops of red food coloring and extract into a bit of vinegar, and you are all set.  This stuff is amazing as the peppermint scent masks the normal vinegar smell.

 The only other thing you need is a canvas of baking soda! 

Candy Cane Science Experiment

I added a few plastic candy canes for fun and to help two year old Rosie make the appropriate connections.

To add a little fine motor to our fun I poured the candy cane vinegar into a clear cup and gave Rosie a few pipettes.

Candy Cane Science Activity for Kids

We were now ready to explore a bit of candy cane Science

Rosie had so much fun making candy cane eruptions over and over again!

Candy Cane Science Activity for Kids

The red candy cane vinegar and white baking soda created the perfect candy cane effect

Candy Cane Science Activity for Kids

Such a simple and fun activity for the holiday season!

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