Grow a Candy Cane

Grow a candy cane this holiday and delight your little ones with the magic of the season.  My girls were in awe over this simple to set up MAGIC.

How to Grow a Candy Cane
Grow a candy cane this holiday, and delight your little ones with the magic of the season.  My girls were in awe over this simple to set up MAGIC

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We were inspired to set this activity up after seeing how 123 Homeschool for Me magically grew their candy canes.  We grew our candy canes a little differently, using what we had on hand.

Magic Growing Candy Canes Materials (affiliate links provided)

Rosie has been very fascinated with how things grow, and we already had planting soil on hand, so I opted to use that.  The soil also made the growing more realistic to an inquisitive three year old.  You could also use fake snow the way that Beth did.   Rosie and Jewel began by filling thier pots 1/3 of the way with dirt

Grow a candy cane

Then it was time to add the magic growing candy cane seeds

Grow a candy cane

The girls excitedly watered their pots

Grow a candy cane

Then we set them in a sunny window.  Now it was time to wait.  Rosie and Jewel were so eager for their candies to grow that I thought this would make a fantastic lesson in patience.  Instead of letting the candy canes grow in full overnight we made it take a few days.  The girls checked on their candy canes about a million times a day and delighted in watering them.  After two days something started to grow

Grow a candy cane

With the help of mommy a little candy cane stem had begun to bud.  The girls were ecstatic!  By day three the candy canes had fully grown.  I can not tell you how excited these two little girls were to wake up in the morning and discover this!

Magic growing candy cane

This was such a fun and magical activity and one we will definitely be doing again and again.  Rosie already asked if we could grow another candy cane.  I said of course, maybe a little closer to Christmas.  Note: I left a tiny piece of the wrapper on the candy canes so I could stick them in the dirt without getting dirty.  Then I took the pots into the kitchen to "uproot" them and magically got rid of the wrapper without the girls seeing.   You could just as easily rinse the dirt off.  I used tiny pieces of a candy cane to sprout our canes on day two.

Also be sure to pop over and see how Beth of 123 Homeschool for Me set up this fun activity.  She has a free printable to share, too!

Grow a Candy Cane 
Grow a Candy Cane and WOW the kids
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