100+ Stocking & Basket Stuffer Ideas

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Over 100 stocking stuffer ideas for kids

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100 Stocking Stuffers that Kids are sure to Love

  • Paint Brushes
  • Face Paint Crayons- give your little one a mirror and let them paint their own face.  Using Face paint crayons allows for easy clean up and little mess.



  • Stickers
  • Glitter- kids can never have enough glitter.  Add it to play dough, GOOPslime, paint.....and use it for crafting of course
  • Glue sticks
  • Googly eyes
  • Crayons
  • Window Markers-  these are great for a rainy day!  Let little ones decorate the windows and then give them a spray bottle of water and a rag.   Not only do they love decorating the windows but they love cleaning them, too!

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Doll House furniture
  • Matchbox cars
  • Pom poms
  • Safety Scissors- Rosie loves cutting and it is great for fine motor development.  As long as you use safety scissors and supervise, kids as young as 2 can begin to explore with scissors.

  • Mini Notepads for Doodling- I carry these in my purse for when we are waiting in restaurants, the doctor's office, in the check out line, etc
  • Animals and other Figurines for small world play
  • FairiesRosie loves her fairies and plays with them all the time.  One of her favorite activities using these fairies was when we made a magical fairy world

  • Necklaces
  • Make-up for dress up play
  • Their Own Cell Phone-  I think all kids love phones.  Perhaps it is because us parents are always on them.  I didn't want Rosie and Jewel playing with my phone so I got them their own.  It looks so real!



  • Mini Etch a Sketch
  • A Character Watch
  • Band-aids
  • Small Board Books
  • A Christmas Ornament-  this makes for a fun family tradition.  We give the girls an ornament in their stocking every year!
  • Character Socks
  • Big Girl/Boy Undies in your child's favorite character- I am always amazed by how excited Rosie gets over these
  • Mini Boxes of Favorite Snacks- Rosie and Jewel both love fruit snacks so I will probably go with those this year but you could get  a box of their favorite cereal, crackers, chips, etc.  
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • A Flashlight
  • Insta-Snow-  Oh my, is this stuff fun!  Make your own snow for some fantastic sensory exploration.  It is not cold so it allows for new sensory experiences.  Paint it for even more fun!

  • Grow Toys
  • Magnets- so many ways to explore with magnets.
  • Magnetic Wands get a few magnetic wands for their stocking and then make a fun magnetic sensory bin or explore with magnetic name painting
  • Play Silks these are great for fostering creative movement and dance and easily fit into stockings/baskets

  • Finger Cymbals
  • Play Dough
  • Maracas

  • Glow sticks
  • Bath Crayons Bath Crayons are fun and wipe easily from bath surfaces.  I especially like this one because it is great for little hands.

Sensory Play& Exploration-  Why not add some stocking and basket stuffers that will foster creativity, exploration , and also be LOTS of fun?  Surprise kids with fun activities they aren't expecting by giving them sensory stocking stuffers:

  • Baking soda & vinegar- they may not be excited when they pull this out of their stocking... until you make volcanic eruptions with it!  Then they will think Santa is the coolest ever!  There are tons of other ways to play with baking soda and vinegar, too!  Visit our play collection for ideas.
  • Food coloring- we use food coloring in sensory play ALL THE TIME.  Here is our sensory play collection for lots of fun ideas!

  • Shaving Cream- my girls really get excited when they see a can of shaving cream and would love to find one in their stocking.  Why the excitement?  Use it to make bath paint and for lots of sensory activities!  Check out our shaving cream play collection for more ideas.
  • Water Beads- water beads are a fantastic sensory material!  We use them often.  As long as children are supervised, water beads make for a great activity!  You can even make them glow!  I personally can't keep my hands out of them!

  • Corn Starch- they may not be excited by the box of corn starch in their stocking...... until they see what you are going to do with it- make GOOP!  They will love that stocking gift then!
  • School Glue- besides arts and crafts, use glue to make slime or glow in the dark window art
  • Kool-Aid packets- these are so inexpensive and there are so many ways to use Kool-Aid in play!  Make a simple Kool- Aid sensory paintSkittle paint, or add it to play dough just to name a few.  


I hope you find this a helpful resource as you plan and make the holidays magical for your child.

Happy Holidays! 

I first created this post upon reader request as a list of stocking stuffers.  However, this also makes a great list of Easter Basket Stuffers.   Keep this list in mind for when you are making your kids basket this year.


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