Activities of Christmas Past

Activities of Christmas Past

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Here are a few of our favorite Christmas activities from last year!

Christmas Themed Sensory Bath
Christmas activities for kids- themed Christmas bath

This was one of our first themed sensory baths.  I had no idea when putting it together how popular these bath times would become.   To make our Christmas sensory bath I filled the bath with water and added a few drops of green food coloring.  Then I scented the water with a little peppermint extract so that it would smell just like Christmas.  You only need a few drops of extract as it goes a LONG way!  I threw in imitation snow flakes to make the water glisten and then added whatever I had on hand that was Christmas- y
I prepared this bath for Rosie on Christmas Eve to help build her excitement for the morning and in turn, a new tradition was born.  We will definitely be doing a special Christmas Eve bath every year!   Jewel is old enough to join in the tradition this year, making it even more exciting!! 


 Bath Time Christmas tree!
Christmas bath time activities

Another fun way we played at bath last year was with our bath time Christmas Tree.  This Christmas tree can be decorated over and over again!  Making the tree only cost me three dollars.  I purchased two large pieces of craft foam at Michaels for 99 cents each and then cut them to make a tree.  I also found foam ornaments at The Dollar Tree.  Rosie delighted in decorating this tree over and over again!

I can't wait to get our tree back out this Christmas only this year I plan to add a fun learning element to the Christmas tree as part of the new Wash & Learn series.

Christmas Sensory Bin

For this bin I dyed rice green using food coloring and water.  I also scented it with a touch of peppermint extract.  Just like with the bath, you only need a few drops.  I placed the rice in a zip lock bag along with a few drops of green food coloring, extract,  and water.  Then I shook it up really well, and then laid the rice out on a cookie sheet to dry.  Then I added whatever random Christmas objects we had around.

Candy Cane Sensory Bin

For this sensory bin I dyed the rice just like above only I used red food coloring and only dyed half the rice.  Then I tossed in scoopers, pourers, and decorative candy canes.  I finished the sensory bin off with glitter- which made the rice so sparkly and pretty!

I hope you enjoyed these activities of Christmas past!  Stay tuned because we have LOTS more fun ideas to share this holiday season!  

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