Sidewalk SPLAT Painting

July 14, 2013
Both of my girls love to paint and create!
 We are always trying new painting methods and creating fun recipes.  During the Summer months our favorite way to create art is with varying homemade chalks. Homemade chalk paint is fantastic in that it is super inexpensive to make, and there are endless ways to play.  I was so excited when I thought up this next activity, and Rosie an Jewel had such great fun. 
Sidewalk SPLAT painting with chalk filled balloons
The girls loved water balloon painting so much I thought it would be lots of fun to revisit that playtime, only this time we filled the balloons with sidewalk chalk to create SPLAT art.

Materials Needed for this Activity
We used water balloons when we did water balloon painting and preparing them was really frustrating, so this time I used small party balloons.  Party balloons are harder to pop, but the girls loved throwing them several times.  Note- if you want easy popping balloons use water balloons.  To fill the balloons with sidewalk chalk you will need a Pumponator or similar.  If you do not have a balloon pumping station like this, they are very inexpensive, and there are TONS of ways to use them in play! I highly recommend the pumponator; we love ours! 

 All you have to do to make sidewalk chalk balloons is mix cornstarch, water, and food coloring into the Pumponator.  We used roughly three tablespoons of cornstarch, half a cup of water, and a few drops of food coloring for every two to three balloons.  It really isn't an exact Science and any similar combination will work.  You can add baking soda to make FIZZING chalk, too.  We made some of both. ( If you are unfamiliar with how to make homemade liquid sidewalk chalk and want more in depth details go here and here)
Once the ingredients are in and the lid is secure, shake the Pumponator well. Attach each balloon to the end, pump, and fill. We wanted a variety of colors so only filled the Pumponator 1/4 of the way for each color of chalk that we made. Rosie and Jewel helped me make 20 balloons in varying colors, and it only took us about 10 minutes. Then it was time to PLAY!

sidewalk splat painting

The girls loved throwing the balloons to create art.

sidewalk splat painting

Once all the balloons were popped I surprised the girls with a few spray bottles of vinegar. They delighted in spraying their street art to make it FIZZ.

Once the girls were done playing they helped me gather any balloon fragments. Then, we got out the hose and washed the mess away. Everything washes right off with water.

This activity was lots of fun and one we will definitely be doing again and again!

Sidewalk SPLAT Painting with Chalk filled Balloons

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