Water Balloon Paint War

July 30, 2013
The girls had so much fun sidewalk splat painting with chalk filled balloons and also loved water balloon painting.
So, today I whipped up a big batch of paint filled balloons so that we could have a water balloon paint war.

Water Balloon Paint War- SUPER Summer Fun
Filling the balloons with paint is easy.  All you need is a Pumponator or similar water balloon pumping station.  We LOVE ours and continue to find new and fun ways to use it.  They are very inexpensive, too.  In your Pumponator you will will simply mix cornstarch, water, and liquid watercolors to make a fantastic homemade liquid paint.  If you don't have liquid watercolors you can also use food coloring.  Then attach the balloon, fill, tie, and toss!  (Be sure to make the balloons right before play and not hours before- the paint will harden inside the balloon if you wait too long)
For more detailed instructions on filling your paint balloons visit our previous post- Balloon SPLAT painting.

We made 5 colors of paint, 5 balloons of each color, to give us 25 balloons.  The girls loved this so much I only wish I had made more.

water balloon paint war

Rosie and Jewel were so excited and jumped right in to play!

water balloon paint war

water balloon paint war

water balloon paint war

Rosie was really into the duel and loved hitting Jewel and mommy with the balloons.  Jewel just loved tossing the balloons and seeing the beautiful colors burst out.

water balloon paint war

I don't have a ton of photos because this mama was too busy playing.  We all wore white tee shirts.  Since we love to get messy, the idea was that whoever was most covered in paint won.  However, when you play you could easily say the player that dodges the paint balloons and stays the most clean wins.

Rosie loved getting hit with the balloons so I really got her good.  While she was definitely the most covered, we declared it a tie between Jewel and Rosie.
water balloon paint war
water balloon paint war

This activity was so simple and so fun!  Next time I would make double the balloons- they always go so fast.  Also, after trying a few different water balloons, I really like the ones they have at Target.  They are one dollar, don't pop easily when filling, but pop easily enough when playing.

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Have a paint war with paint filled water balloons- SUPER Summer FUN!

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