Magic Treasure Rocks

January 19, 2013
I am so excited to share this next activity.
 This has been one of Rosie's all time favorites so far, and it really is sure to delight and WOW any child.  
Easy to make MAGIC Treasure Rocks- getting the treasures out is all the fun!  {Hide these around the yard and kids will have a blast going on a treasure rock hunt}
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What could be more fun than Magic FIZZING Rocks with treasures hidden inside? Rosie was seriously in awe!  Making these magical rocks is easy and the activity has elements of science, sensory, and imaginative play, too.

MAGIC Treasure Rocks
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Food Coloring or washable watercolors
  • Treasures
Add the desired amount of baking soda to a bowl.  Add a few drops of food coloring if color is desired.  Then slowly add water and mix.  SLOWLY add more water until the mixture is damp and mold-able, but not too wet.  It is easy to add too much water, so you definitely want to add it slowly.  If you do accidentally add too much water just add a touch more baking soda.

Once mixed mold the baking soda dough into balls, hiding treasures inside.  Then lay the baking soda rocks out on a cookie sheet or similar to dry.  Drying will take roughly 24 hours.  Once dry you can either give them right to your child, OR you can bury them outside and let your child go on a treasure hunt. 

Easy to make MAGIC treasure rocks (only two ingredients needed)

A back yard treasure hunt adds to the fun but either way is sure to wow the kids, so definitely don't wait for sunshine or Summer to make up a batch of these. You can always make them again! We have made these several times, and they are always a hit, even when I just surprise Rosie with them in the morning

On this particular morning I set Rosie up with a bowl of vinegar, a pipette, and a spray bottle of vinegar. You can get vinegar by the gallon at Walmart for under $3. I placed the MAGIC Treasure Rocks in a shallow dish and Rosie set out to free the treasures.

Magic Treasure Rocks

The more vinegar Rosie sprayed the more the rocks "magically" fizzed

Magic Treasure Rocks

Rosie was so excited and couldn't wait to see what treasures were inside the rocks

Magic Treasure Rocks

After a bit of exploring Rosie decided to toss one of the rocks into the bowl of vinegar which caused a beautiful eruption.

Magic Treasure Rocks
Once the eruption dissipated treasures soon surfaced.

Rosie was in awe and couldn't wait to toss in another rock to free more treasures.

Magic Treasure Rocks

She had so much fun!  Once All the treasures had been found I gave them a quick rinse.

Magic Treasure Rocks

 Then Rosie spent the morning pretending to be a pirate, one of her favorite roles.  

A Few Tips:   If you want to make a RAINBOW of rocks like we did you will need to mix each color separately.  Kids can also use a play hammer and mallet to free the treasures from the rocks.   The rocks break open fairly easily.  These also make fun bath bombs.  All you have to do is toss them in the tub for a fun way to play.  Rosie loves watching them dissolve to reveal the treasures, and baking soda is really good for the skin.  You can hide all sorts of things inside including baby dinosaurs.  See our dinosaur eggs post for another fun way to play.

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