Homemade Sand Paint

August 12, 2013
We have had lots of fun exploring with sand this Summer.
We purchased a 20 pound bag for $5 at Home Depot and have found all sorts of ways to play with it! We made homemade quicksand for some super sensory play, played and explored with stretchy sand slime, and made MAGIC sand and sandcastles just to name a few. Today, we took a bit of our sand and whipped up a simple and fun homemade paint recipe.

Kid Made Puffy Sand Paint- making the paint is so fun for kids and it is great for sensory play and art activities.

Homemade Paint Recipe
  • Shaving Cream
  • Food coloring
  • Play Sand
Add the desired amount of shaving cream to each bowl, add a few scoops of play sand along with a few drops of food coloring, and mix.  That's it!  This homemade paint recipe is easy to make and, the process of making the paint is fun for the kids.  Squirting the shaving cream, squeezing the food coloring, tossing in the sand, and mixing it all together is a big part of the FUN!

homemade paint recipe

homemade paint recipe

homemade paint recipe

Once the puffy sand paint is good and mixed kids can simply explore the texture for some fabulous sensory play

homemade paint recipe

OR they can create fun works of art!
homemade paint recipe

The paint has such a fun texture.  It is squishy and foamy but also grainy and sandy!

Rosie loved letting the paint fall from her fingers to make puffy sand peaks on her paper.

homemade paint recipe

Colorful and fun process art.

homemade paint recipe

Puffy Sand Paint
Easy to make and great for sensory play and art exploration!

Homemade Puffy Sand Paint- Making the paint is so fun for kids, and it is great for sensory play and art activities!

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