Homemade Moon Sand Recipe {Apple}

The girls love their pumpkin moon sand so much that I decided to whip up another batch perfect for them to enjoy this Fall.

Homemade Apple Moon Sand Recipe
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This moon sand is made just a touch different than the pumpkin variety we shared earlier this week.

Apple Moon Sand Recipe (affiliate links provided)
In a sensory bin or similar container combine all ingredients. You can use water colors to color your moon sand, but powdered paint really does work best.  You can make your own powdered paint or use powdered tempera.  Anther option is to begin with colored sand, but that is a touch more pricey.  The amount of water you add is really up to you.  We always begin with 1 cup and slowly add more until the desired consistency is reached.  We like our sand a bit more moist which also gives it a bit more OOZE

Homemade moon sand recipe

Add a few pie pans and kitchen gadgets and the fun can begin!

Homemade apple moon sand perfect for Fall sensory play

Moon sand is such a fun and unique sensory material, and the apple and pumpkin varieties are perfect for Fall.  If you have not tried homemade moon sand you really must.  It is squishy and mold-able and a bit OOZEY...... really just fun stuff!

Homemade moon sand recipe

Moon sand is one of Rosie and Jewel's favorites.  They love making pies, muffins, and all sorts of other decadent Fall treats as they explore the fun texture of the sand.... and play always ensues for quite a while

Homemade moon sand recipe

Apple Moon Sand Storage:  Store moon sand in an uncovered bin or container.  It will dry out.  When you are ready to play again simply add more water until the desired consistency is reached.  Do not cover the moon sand as it will grow mold if stored in a closed container.

Apple Moon Sand for Fabulous Fall PLAY!
Homemade apple moon sand perfect for Fall sensory play

Happy Playing!

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