Bubbling Boos & Popping Pumpkins

The other day Rosie asked if we could play with exploding sidewalk chalk again.  It was one of her favorite activities from the Summer. With Halloween fast approaching, this time I sought to put a fun spin on this favorite activity.

Bubbling BOO Bombs 
& Popping Pumpkins

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This activity is so FUN, very inexpensive, and really easy to put together.

Bubbling Boo & Pumpkin Bombs Materials List

Start by drawing pumpkin and ghost faces on the zip seal bags.  We used a permanent marker and sandwich size bags.  Larger bags will also work; you will just need more of the active ingredients.
Once the faces on the bags are dry you can either fill them all in advance with the vinegar or fill them outside as you go.  You want to fill each bag at least one third of the way with vinegar but not more than half way.  Anywhere in between is perfect.  Mix in a bit of corn starch for color.  

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

You will also want to add orange food coloring to the pumpkin bags

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins- Fun Halloween Activity for Kids

For each bag you will need to make a baking soda bomb.  All you need to do is place baking soda in the middle of a square of toilet paper and then fold the paper into a ball

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

You will want to let off one boo or pumpkin at a time.  Seal the bag almost all the way, leaving just enough room to place a baking soda bomb in.  Do not let the bomb go until you have sealed the bag all the way

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

 Double check to make sure the zipper is 100% sealed before letting go

Then let go of the baking soda bomb, give the bag a quick shake, and set it down.  The bag will fill until it POPS & explodes, sending colorful bubbling liquid flying

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

Bursting boos and popping pumpkins are just so FUN.  My kids love the baking soda and vinegar reaction

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

They marveled at each one

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

and had a blast playing in all the bubbling mess after

Bubbling Boos and Popping Pumpkins

As far as clean up, no worries there.  The bags are filled with the same ingredients used to make homemade sidewalk paint.  All the mess will wash straight away with water.

I hope your kids have fun with this simple & fun bit of science!  Make sure you have lots of baking soda and vinegar on hand for this one, as kids will surely want to do it again & again!

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