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I was so excited when I thought up this next play recipe, and it was every bit as cool as I had imagined.  Rosie loves sidewalk chalk in all it's forms.  She also LOVED when we created exploding paint bags.  I experimented with some of the base ingredients from both to see if I could combine the two and create EXPLODING Sidewalk Paint Bags.  It worked, and it was so fun!

Exploding Chalk Paint Art

play recipe

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Last time we explored with exploding art we made each bag as we went.  That was ok, but Rosie was so enthralled with the explosions that she was impatient.  So this time I prepped a bunch of sandwich bags in advance.  Then we headed outside armed to have FUN!

play recipe

This recipe is similar to sidewalk paint only we used vinegar in place of water and kept the baking soda on the side.

To make Exploding Sidewalk Art you will need:
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  • Zip seal sandwich bags
  • Corn Starch
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring and/or liquid watercolors
  • Baking soda
When it comes to play experiments like these we rarely measure ingredients.  The amount used for each exploding chalk bag was a little different, and all of them worked great!  The key is to fill the bag at least 1/3 of the way with the liquid chalk mixture.  The fuller the bags are the bigger the explosions will be.  In each bag I mixed a few tsp of corn starch with vinegar until I had a thick liquid consistency.   Add a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors for color.

 I added the ingredients to each bag, and Rosie helped me mix them up.  We also re-mixed them just before play (this is important as the cornstarch starts to solidify at the bottom of the bag when left to sit)

In addition to the paint bags you will need baking soda bombs.  To make ours we used square pieces of paper towel.  Place the baking soda in the middle, and fold the paper towel all around it.  We didn't measure, but went hefty on the amount-  the more you use for each bag the bigger the reaction between the active ingredients, and the bigger the explosion.

It only took us about 10 minutes to prep all of our supplies, and then the PLAY could begin!  When you are ready to start the fun quickly toss a baking soda bomb into a sidewalk paint bag.  Then very quickly seal the bag.  I found it helped to have the bag mostly sealed before adding the baking soda bomb.  Be sure to make sure the bag is completly sealed.  If there is even a tiny hole the bag won't POP.  Once sealed set the bag down and shake it up REALLY good.  Then marvel at the beautiful ERUPTING Art

The bags will slowly expand, getting bigger and bigger until they POP

As they pop they send sidewalk chalk bursting out, creating BEAUTIFUL chalk art

Some bags popped a lot, and others popped just a little.  Rosie and Jewel loved smashing the ones that lightly popped to manually make the chalk explode!

 The girls popped bag after bag

They loved touching the bags just before they popped

 And with every explosion of art the play time just got more and more beautiful

The girls used sticks to make marks, and they also had tons of fun squeezing any residual paint left in the bags onto the pavement

When play time was over Rosie immediately asked for more, a perfect indicator of a successful playtime!

If it is a really hot day you might want to beat the heat with chalk ice painting instead

Exploding Sidewalk Art

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