Snow Play Recipes

There are tons of fun ways you can make snow for the kids to play in. Here are ten snow play recipes that my kids LOVE! {No snow in sight? No worry! Make your own}

Make Your Own Snow
Are your kids itching to play in the snow, but there isn't any of the fluffy white stuff in sight?  No need to worry, there are tons of fun ways you can "make snow" for the kids to play in.  Here are ten snow play recipes that my kids LOVE!
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10 Ways to Make Snow At Home

This homemade snow only requires two ingredients. It is naturally cold, but can be popped in the refrigerator  to make it even colder.  It is mold-able, and there are endless ways to play with it.  You can even make MAGIC snowballs and erupting avalanches.

Shivery Snow Slime is icy cold and sparkly just like fresh snow after a storm.  What could be more FUN that an icy cold, OOZING snow?  This fun recipe gives kids the opportunity to explore a different texture while still experiencing the temperature of traditional snow.

Shivery Snow Paint
SHIVERY snow paint is easy to make and SO FUN! Kids can create snowmen and other works of art that dry puffy and are COLD to the touch

Shiver Rice is delightfully cold and smells Wintry fresh.  This snow rice was such a huge hit I am deeming it a must try!

Icy Cold Snow Rice Recipe

Snow Clay is cold to the touch and OH SO SPARKLY.   It can be used in all sorts of ways; make ornaments for the tree, build snowmen, make handprint keepsakes....... Such a fun way for kids to play & create this Winter!

Snow clay recipe

Homemade Sparkle Snow is the fluffiest snow we have ever made and feels just like fresh fallen powder in your hands.  It has a wintry scent and is SO SPARKLY.   Pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes to make it COLD


No matter how you make snow the kids are sure to have a blast!
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An amazing collection of snow play recipes from Growing a Jeweled Rose- so many fun ideas for Winter Play!
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