Soothing Therapeutic Play Dough Recipe

I am continuing to find ways to incorporate eucalyptus into our Winter play. Today,  I made Eucalyptus play dough!  

Eucalyptus Play Dough
Eucalyptus play dough recipe

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We already had green play dough on hand, making this eucalyptus play dough super easy to whip up!  All I had to do was add a couple drops of eucalyptus essential oil to our Play Doh brand play dough.  You could also make homemade play dough if you prefer.  Then, just add a few drops of the eucalyptus.

I personally LOVE Play Doh brand play dough!  We purchase ours for under $1 at Walmart.  I love that I can buy one container at a time and add whatever scent I want.  I love that I don't have to worry about Rosie mixing colors. I love that once it gets dirty I can toss it and open a fresh container!   Also, when making homemade play dough from scratch you need LOTS of food coloring to get anywhere near a desired color. I love the vibrancy of the store bought stuff!

Eucalyptus play dough recipe

The girls play with play dough daily so this was a great way to incorporate the essential oil into their Winter play.  If your little ones are anything like mine, they probably have stuffy, runny noses all Winter long!  Adding a bit of eucalyptus essential oil  to daily activities is a great way to clear the airways, and provide some soothing relief.

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If you do not have eucalyptus essential oil, it can be purchased here or at most major department stores and pharmacies.  The bottle we purchased last year has lasted a really long time as you only need a few drops to transform ordinary play into soothing play!

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