Erupting Snow Recipe

 I am super excited to share this new sensory recipe today!  Rosie had so much fun with this activity. We took our Sparkle Snow recipe and slightly altered it to get MAGIC SNOW!  This was completely experimental, and the results were fabulous!

Make Your Own Sensory Snow

Two ingredient snow play recipe- this stuff is amazing!  Naturally cold and feels just like fresh powder in your hands
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Let me start by saying that this sensory material is AMAZING even without the magical erupting aspect.  It is the best sensory snow we have ever tried.  It is naturally cold, making it the most realistic as well.  It is fluffy and powdery and clean smelling and AMAZING!  You also only need TWO INGREDIENTS to make it ; baking soda and shaving cream -two things most people already have on hand!

To make your own Snow:

Add the desired amount of baking soda to a sensory bin or container.  Then, slowly mix in shaving cream.  I used one large box of baking soda and almost a full can of shaving foam.  As you slowly mix in the shaving cream you will discover a fantastic mold-able snow.  The snow is super soft, silky smooth, and smells so clean and fresh.  It is also naturally cold.  I am not sure why exactly but it is!  It feels just like fresh fallen powder in your hands.

Playing with the snow just like this is LOTS of FUN!  Rosie added glitter just for fun but it isn't necessary of course.  She had a blast making snow balls and snow men for a while.

snow recipe

Then I surprised her with the magical aspect of the snow.  I gave her a spray bottle of vinegar and she had a blast making MAGIC SNOWBALLS!

Erupting snow recipe

She also loved making the snowmen she made erupt.  Then she dropped a few snowballs in a bowl of vinegar to make a snow avalanche and huge snow ERUPTIONS!

Snow Recipe

This ERUPTING Snow is just too fun!  With or without the vinegar it makes a fabulous sensory snow!  

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     Two ingredient snow dough - this stuff is amazingly FUN and so easy to make!     Snow slime is icy cold and sparkly white- such a fun way for kids to play with snow this Winter  
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