Sensory Painting with Kool-aid

Sensory painting with Kool-aid is such a simple activity to set up and still a favorite of Rosie's.

Painting with Kool-aid


 All you need for this activity are kool-aid packets and water.  I emptied Kool-aid packets of varying flavors into a muffin tin.  Then I laid out a cup of water, paper, and a paintbrush.  Before Rosie started painting we explored  all of the varying scents and colors of each Kool-aid.  She loved smelling them!

As she explored her sense of smell I asked her to describe what she thought she was smelling.  She used colors to describe the scents.  I expanded on her color descriptions, talking about the fruit flavors and tying them together when I could.  Since there is on sugar in the kool-aid kids won't really want to eat it.  Rosie tasted it out of curiosity, and one taste was enough for her to know she did not want more.

Then we got to painting!

The colors were so fantastically vibrant!

Rosie used the brush for a bit, but as always, insisted on using her hands.

The Kool-aid paint also had a lot of texture to it, making for even more sensory exploration.  Sticky and gooey were two words Rosie used to describe it.

Rosie painted with the Kool-aid for quite a while , making several beautifully vibrant pieces of art.  


They smelled fantastic, too!  Once they were dry I hung them at Rosie's level so she could smell and admire them as she pleased. I will take them down in a couple days to avoid attracting ants, but for now, our home smells divine.  

Please note- if your child uses their hands, the Kool-aid will slightly stain the skin.    I personally never mind the stains that come from such activities.  Rosie's hands were back to normal after a few hand washes, and the smiles were worth it.
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