Homemade Face Paints

Today I am excited to have Jenna of MumCentral here to share a FUN homemade paint recipe .  Welcome Jenna!


Homemade Face Paints

A fun way to explore paint is to let children paint themselves using homemade face paints, made with just three simple ingredients!

Homemade face paints

My girls absolutely adore painting and we're always looking for different and fun ways to paint. My eldest daughter LOVES having her face painted, so we decided to make some easily washable face paints for her to explore painting herself! She really loved choosing
the colors and painting them onto her face - I'm sure this was so exciting as it's something she's not usually allowed to do with her paints!

homemade face paints

After her initial painting she decided that it was time to paint my face (!) and this lead to an imaginative game about a lady having her face painted at a party!

These paints can also add loads of fun to bath time for some all over body painting, which washes off really easily in the bath water (and changes the water into some very pretty colors!)

What we used:

  • cornflour/cornstarch
  • natural food colouring
  • baby lotion
  • a mirror
  • pallet for the face paints
  • brushes

How to make the facepaints:

Mix together two heaped teaspoons of cornflour/cornstarch with one teaspoon of baby lotion. Add a few drops of food colouring and mix together well until you have reached the desired consistency. For a thicker paint add more cornflour/cornstarch and to make it runnier add more baby lotion (alternatively a few drops of water could be used).

homemade face paints

We made small quantities of paint with a variety of colours but you could easily make up bigger batches by increasing the amount of each ingredient!


  • painting dolls for children who do not want to paint their own skin
  • apply paints using fingers, paint or make up brushes.

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This activity is good for:

  • developing creativity
  • developing self awareness and the names of parts of their face
  • exploring colour and texture
  • developing fine manipulative skills and coordination
Jenna writes at MumCentral and is from the UK. She worked as a nursery nurse and is now a stay at home mom to two girls. For lots of fun play ideas for babies, toddlers and preschoolers find Jenna at MumCentral, take a look at her quick play ideas on Facebook and follow the fun on Pinterest.


It was a pleasure having Jenna here to share today! Don't forget to pop over to MumCentral and see all the other FUN things being shared there!


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