Sidewalk Paint Recipe

Homemade sidewalk paint is really easy to make and tons of fun for kids!  

Sidewalk Paint Recipe
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Fizzing Sidewalk Paint Recipe

  • Corn Starch
  • Baking Soda
  • Food Coloring
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • A Spray Bottle

Mix roughly one part corn starch and two parts baking soda together.   The more baking soda you add the more the paint will FIZZ!  We used a muffin tin so we could create an array of colors.  Add a couple drops of food coloring and then slowly add water, mixing until you have the desired consistency.  The less water you add the thicker the paint will be.  Once mixed  head outside with a spray bottle of vinegar and the fun can begin!

Halloween fizzing sidewalk art

Since Halloween is close Rosie painted witches, goblins, and pumpkins.  Rosie thought the fizzing jack-o-lanterns and goblin faces were just too cool! 

Halloween fizzing sidewalk art

She also had lots of fun splatter painting with her paintbrush

Halloween fizzing sidewalk art

The splatters from her flinging the paint were so colorful & fun!

Halloween fizzing sidewalk art

Once Rosie splattered every drop of fizzing paint, she went around with her spray bottle of vinegar making it bubble

Halloween fizzing sidewalk art

All the vinegar and paint combined to make beautiful rainbow puddles!  And what do you do when you have rainbow puddles?  You jump in them!

Rainbow puddle jumping and fizzing Halloween art?  Rosie was one happy kid after this activity!


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