Summer Fun with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar is one of our favorite ways to PLAY!  Both ingredients are super inexpensive, and there are ENDLESS ways to explore. We have created a variety of play recipes and activities from these simple ingredients, and we only continue to find more ways to play.   This next activity is perfect for a hot Summer day.

Baking Soda and Ice Vinegar 

Summer Fun with Baking Soda and ICE Vinegar

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For this activity you will need:
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Fill an ice cube tray or similar container with vinegar.  Add a bit of food coloring to give the vinegar color.  If your child is sensitive to food dyes you can substitute liquid watercolors.  Liquid watercolors are washable and a great alternative for parents worried about staining.  Pop your vinegar in the freezer and in four to six hours your vinegar ice is ready for PLAY!

vinegar ice sensory play

Cool things off even more by storing your baking soda in the fridge before play.  I lined a tub with cold baking soda and tossed in the ice.  Then it was time to PLAY

Summer fun

Freezing the vinegar creates a whole new element of PLAY

At first the vinegar and baking soda do not react much

Summer fun with baking soda and vinegar

Summer fun

The baking soda eats away at the vinegar ice a bit, but there isn't any fizzing

But then, as the vinegar melts and turns to a liquid the FIZZING begins

Summer fun

The more the vinegar melts the more it fizzes.  The reaction is more constant and long lasting, but requires patience in the beginning.  You can kick start the fizzing fun by adding some regular vinegar to the vinegar ICE and baking soda play to create BIG, chilled out eruptions

Summer fun

Rosie loved playing and exploring with the FIZZING vinegar ice, and especially loved adding more vinegar to make the BIG eruptions.  This activity was super frugal and a great way to keep things cool on a hot day!

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Summer Fun with Ice Vinegar
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