FIZZY Mud {Recipe for Play}

Rosie and Jewel had so much fun with this next activity and played for such a long time.  Don't you just love when that happens?  This activity explores science, is sensory filled, and  is pretty easy to set up, too.

FIZZY MUD- this stuff is easy to make and SO FUN!  I mean, what could be cooler than a fizzing dinosaur world?  Or snake swamp?  Or mud pie play.... so many ways to PLAY!

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To make our FIZZY mud we re-purposed our most recent batch of dirt dough.  If you want to get a few activities out of the same materials start by making dirt dough for your kids to play with, and then transform it into FIZZY Mud after a few days.

FIZZY Mud Recipe (affiliate links provided)
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Fill a sensory bin or container with the desired amount of baking soda.  We used one large (16 oz) box and that filled the bottom of our container nicely.  Add several drops of brown or black watercolors, and then slowly add water and mix.  Slowly add more water until the desired consistency is reached.  You can add more or less water to create varying mud consistencies

FIZZY MUD-  easy to make and SO FUN!

FIZZY Mud is great fun just like this and makes a fantastic sensory mud perfect for all sorts of play 

FIZZY MUD-  easy to make and SO FUN!

Add dinosaurs and other props and the fun can begin

FIZZY MUD-  easy to make and SO FUN!
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For ultimate FUN give kids squirt bottles of  vinegar to make fizzing mud science

FIZZY MUD-  easy to make and SO FUN!

We colored our vinegar with food coloring, and that added a really fun element our play.  The orange vinegar was especially colorful against the black mud

FIZZY MUD-  easy to make and SO FUN!

What could be more fun than a colorful FIZZING dinosaur world?

FIZZY MUD-  easy to make and SO FUN!FIZZY MUD-  easy to make and SO FUN!

 Rosie and Jewel had such fun and played for a long time.  I refilled their squirt bottles several times.  Once we were all out of vinegar the girls played in the mucky mud, creating all sorts of fun with their dinosaurs.

FIZZY MUD-  easy to make and SO FUN!

A Few Tips:  You can use food coloring to color your fizzy mud, but it will tinge hands for a few hours after play.  If you use washable watercolors all the coloring will wash right off.  Watercolors also produce more vibrant color.  This activity is messy.  I recommend laying an old blanket or drop cloth down under the play surface or playing outside or in the tub.  Play clothes or smocks are also a good idea.  You can buy vinegar and baking soda in large containers at Walmart for very cheap.  If you don't have washable liquid watercolors and would like to purchase some you can find the ones we use online here.  You can also find black watercolor individually here and brown watercolor here.

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Dirt dough is pretty amazing stuff.  It looks and feels just like dirt, but it is germ free and CLEAN!  You only need two ingredients plus water to make it, too. 
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