Summer Fun - Jello Ice Play

Today we are back with more Summer FUN for kids!  If you have missed any of the fun Summer PLAY ideas we have shared over the last several weeks be sure to check them out.  So far in our Summer Play Series we have frozen shaving cream, GOOP, paint, spaghetti, and baking soda to create all kinds of fun sensory activities and ice plays.  Next on our to try list was JELLO!  Jello is a great material for sensory play.  It is inexpensive, easy to make, has a FUN texture, and is 100% edible, making it a great activity for very small children still putting things in their mouth.  FREEZING the Jello created a whole NEW play experience, and one perfect for Summer!

Summer Fun with JELLO ICE Play
Jello ICE Sensory play- super Summer fun for kids of all ages (and a great way to stay cool on a hot day!)
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We normally make our Jello for sensory play from scratch.  It is easy and very inexpensive.  However, for this play time I used store bought Jello cups.  I happened by them in Walmart a few weeks ago and knew they would be PERFECT for our Summer sensory play series.  I got 12 cups of Jello in varying colors for $1- can't beat that!  I loved that we had lots of jello colors to play with as normally I make just one color.  All I did was pop a few jello cups in the freezer to make Jello ICE.  (You could also make jello from the box and pour it into ice cube trays)


The girls started exploring, and right away they could smell that this play time was YUMMY

Summer fun

The girls asked if they could take a taste, and of course I said yes.  The girls loved tasting the jello while they played , making this a great treat on a hot day.  I wouldn't do this activity if you don't want little ones tasting.  The jello smells and tastes far to good for that to be fair lol

Jello ice is super cold, but feels a lot like regular ice at first.  However, after just a few minutes outside on a HOT day the jello begins to slowly transform


It can be broken apart, and slowly turns to a jello consistency.  The jello ice goes through many texture changes during play, all of which are fun to explore

summer fun

summer fun

jello ice play

Both girls had lots of fun exploring with all their senses while also staying cool outside on a hot day

summer fun

I am pretty sure exploring the sense of taste was their favorite

summer fun

Summer Fun with Jello Ice
Summer Fun with jello ice

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Summer Fun
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