Play Recipe - Freezy Paints

Here is a simple play recipe to help the kids beat the heat this Summer!

Freezy Paints 
Easy to make FREEZY PAINTS - Create beautiful works of art with these super fluffy, icy paints - a perfect way for kids to beat the heat this Summer!!!

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These freezy paints could not be easier to make, and Rosie and Jewel really enjoyed making chilled out art creations.

Freezy Paint Recipe
  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring

Mix the shaving cream of your choice in a bowl with a bit of food coloring.  We used a peach and strawberry scented shaving cream purchased from the Dollar Tree to make our FREEZY PAINTS.  These smell amazing!  ( Note- If you have tots who will be tempted to eat the paint simply substitute whipped cream in place of shaving cream

Once mixed pop your shaving cream paint in the freezer.  After several hours you can pull them out for PLAY!  

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I recommend waiting until you are ready to use the paints to pull them out.  On a hot day they do melt fast.  However, you can easily extend your play by adding ice.   We added colored specks of shaved ice to our paints, and this was AWESOME!  It made the freezy paints stay frozen longer, gave them a FUN texture, and created a truly multi-sensory experience.  TONS of fun!!!

play recipe

Both girls had a blast exploring the texture of the frozen shaving cream and ice paint.

play recipe

Looking for ice chips ; they were the girls favorite part

play recipe

The girls kept cool as cucumbers while they painted beautiful, icy works of art

play recipe

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