Play Recipe - Freezy Dough

Yesterday we shared Summer Snow, the first of many play recipes that will be part of our new Summer Sensory Play Series.  Today, the fun continues with another fun play recipe FUN ANYTIME of year, but especially perfect for the warm weather months.

 Freezy Dough Play Recipe

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An amazing melting ice cream dough for kids!

While Rosie played with her Summer Snow  I thought about how we could use the idea of frozen shaving cream further.  I tried adding scent and color and it transformed this sensory material from a fluffy clean snow to an icy cold & super fluffy dough.  

Freezy ice cream dough is AMAZINGLY fun for kids, and super simple for parents to make, too!  

To make Freezy Ice Cream Dough you will need:
  • Shaving Cream (we used strawberry & peach women's shaving cream from Dollar Tree)
  • Food Coloring
  • Freezer space
  • Optional- Kool-aid, cocoa powder, extract, or any other product you desire for adding scent 
  • Optional- substitute cool whip to make an edible freezy dough

All you need to do to make FREEZY DOUGH is mix shaving cream with a bit of food coloring and scent in a bowl and freeze.  After a few hours you can pull your dough out and PLAY!  If you use scented shaving cream you do not need to add scents, but you can if you want.  I was creating a specific play time so I did add further scent (read below)  You could also use unscented shaving cream and add your own scent.  For tiny tots you could substitute cool whip to create an edible ice cream dough dough similar to how we made edible cool whip paints.

While there are tons of ways to play with Freezy Dough it is icy cold and feels EXACTLY like ice cream, so I decided to set up a pretend ice cream parlor for our play time.  You could also simply give kids the freezy dough with a few bowls, cups, or other kitchen gadgets and they would surely have a blast!

I made three types of FREEZY DOUGH for our ice cream play:

To make Vanilla Freezy Dough
I mixed shaving cream in a bowl with a few drops of vanilla extract.  I used women's strawberry scented shaving cream from the Dollar Tree, and it worked great.  The vanilla scent overpowered the strawberry once I added enough.

freezy dough
(Sprinkled with powdered paint to add a touch of color ) 

To make Strawberry Freezy Dough
I mixed a bit of strawberry scented shaving cream in a bowl with a few drops of red food coloring.  I wanted a pink colored cream, so only used a few drops.

freezy dough
(sprinkled with powdered paint for pizzazz)

To make Chocolate Freezy Dough
I mixed a bit of strawberry shaving cream in a bowl with cocoa powder.  This scented and colored the shaving cream perfectly, giving us a chocolate strawberry dough.

freezy dough play recipe
(Sprinkled with cocoa)

As I mixed each dough I layered them into a container so that they would look like Neapolitan ice cream!  

freezy dough

Then I popped the container in the freezer.  A few hours later I pulled out our FREEZY ice cream DOUGH, and it was time to PLAY!

freezy dough play recipe

I gave Rosie a bit of rainbow rice to use as sprinkles and powdered paints to use as other toppings in her ice cream parlor.  I also provided her with scoopers, bowls, and a box of ice cream cones I picked up from Walmart for $1.

She had a blast making all sorts of yummy ice cream treats with her FREEZY DOUGH

play recipes

She used the scoopers some, but as always, preferred to use her hands

play recipe freezy dough

With rainbow rice sprinkles and icy cold dough, this parlor was packed with sensory exploration!

play recipe

play recipes

She played and played until all her ice cream had melted and all her cones and bowls had been used

play recipe

FREEZY Ice Cream Dough - such a blast!
Freezy Dough Play Recipe

What I loved about using this freezy dough as ice cream was how realistic it was.  First, Freezy dough feels EXACTLY like ice cream.  It smells and looks like ice cream, and then it also MELTS like ice cream!  You can't get more realistic then that!

Freezy Dough- Icy COLD super fluffy sensory dough perfect for Summer play!

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