Halloween Egg Dying Fun

Rosie and Jewel love dying Easter eggs. The other day while I was boiling some eggs I thought to myself, why should Easter have all the fun?  Rather then tossing these eggs right into the fridge lets squeeze an activity out of it and do some Halloween Egg Dying!  

Halloween Egg Dying FUN
Halloween Egg Dying- why should Easter have all the fun?
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Why should Easter have all the FUN?

Set up for our Halloween egg dying was pretty easy.  I made egg dye in Halloween colors using food coloring, vinegar, and water.  I placed the coloring into cups in a muffin tin to prevent spills.  I filled a witches bucket with eggs, tossed in creepy crawlies, and laid out fun Halloween stickers for Rosie to use once the eggs were dry.

Halloween fun for kids

I actually thought the eggs looked really neat just like this!

Rosie had so much fun dying the Halloween eggs

Halloween fun with egg dying

Once they were dry, we had lots of fun decorating them.  While Rosie covered her eggs in stickers, I made some fun Halloween eggs of my own

These pumpkin and monster eggs would be so cute for a Halloween party!  This activity would also be lots of fun for little ones to do at a party.  Older children would surely love to decorate their own pumpkin and monster eggs.

Once Rosie and I were done decorating our eggs, I gathered them all together in our witches bucket.

And now we have hard boiled eggs ready to enjoy anytime!

Such a fun Halloween activity!

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