Erupting Paint Recipe {Glue Paint}

Magic glue paints- fun process art that kids will love!
Magic Glue Paint Recipe
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Since we were experimenting with these combined ingredients I was not sure how the paints would turn out, but these glue paints were SO FUN!  Not only that, but there are lots of other ways to use this MAGIC glue recipe, too.

Homemade Glue Paint Recipe (what you need)
  • Glue - we used white school glue this time, but I can't wait to try this activity with clear glue
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring
Making these magical glue paints is very easy. Simply add baking soda to white school glue in a small container along with a drop or two of food coloring.  You will want to use one container for each color you wish to make.  You can add more or less baking soda for different effects.  I used varying amounts to give us lots of different paint consistencies.

Homemade glue paint recipe

Homemade MAGIC glue paint recipe

I also set out a container of vinegar with a few pipettes in it.  The girls had so much fun creating with the paint by itself

Homemade glue paint recipe

They loved using brushes, but they also loved using small spoons and watching the glue paint drizzle onto the paper

We added glitter for a bit of sparkle fun, too

After they painted a bunch we moved on to adding the vinegar

WOW, was this COOL!  The baking soda and vinegar reacted so very different as a result of the glue.  At first the vinegar sat on top of the glue paint.  It takes a moment for it to seep in.... and then once it does the reaction starts.  It stats slow and just keeps going and going and going, creating awesome art effects on the paper

Homemade glue paint recipe

Homemade glue paint recipe

The girls had a blast with these magical paints!

Once we were done painting we had a bit of magic glue left over in our containers which led us to another SUPER FUN activity- MAGIC Glue eruptions.  

Homemade glue paint recipe

These were amazing!  We did some further experimenting, too.... Be sure to check back to see the full post!

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