Rainbow Discovery Bottles

Discovery Bottles

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I made these rainbow discovery bottles for Jewel a few months ago when she was still in the mouthing stage and they are still a favorite toy of hers.  Discovery bottles are a great way to let young babies explore objects that are otherwise unsafe, particularly choking hazards. 

 I had saved the empty bottles from
Jewel's birthday party.   These particular bottles are the perfect size for young babies to hold and grasp.  We found ours at Giant.

For the contents of the bottles I used items we already had, making these a really frugal DIY toy.  I used cut up pipe cleaners, colored cubes, craft pom poms, and round pony tail holders.  If you don't have these items and want to make the exact discovery bottles we made, all of the materials can be purchased from the Dollar Tree.

Discovery bottles

Assembling the bottles is easy.  Just add the material you are using to the bottle, fill almost to the top with water, and then seal the lid of the bottle with super glue, hot blue, or a similar adhesive.  

Discovery bottles

Both girls love these discovery bottles!  They get played with daily by both Rosie and Jewel and  have been especially great for allowing Jewel to explore objects she otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Rainbow Discovery Bottles

For lots more discovery bottle inspiration check out the ABC's of Discovery Bottles series from Teach Preschool!

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