Glowing & Exploding Art

We love bringing Science and art together.  One FUN way to do this is to make paint explode.  We have done this by making exploding paint bags, exploding sidewalk chalk, and flying chalk rockets.  We recently tried something a little different and made GLOWING & EXPLODING Art!

Glowing & Exploding Art

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This activity was such a blast and the paint effects were seriously just too cool! 

Glowing & Exploding Art (what you need)

The homemade glowing vinegar is really easy to make.  All you need is vinegar and the glowing paint of your choice (Full tutorial here)  We added corn starch when we mixed up our vinegar.  This made the vinegar more paint-like, but this step isn't necessary.  Once the vinegar is made pour it into zip seal bags.  You can fill the bags with more or less vinegar for varied explosions.  No need to measure.  

Next, take toilet paper squares and pour baking soda into the center.  Then fold the toilet paper into a ball, securing the baking soda inside.  These are essentially your exploding paint bombs

exploding art

Now it is time to PLAY!  We covered the floor with poster board.  It is a good idea to use a thick paper as this activity does get messy.  It is totally worth it though.

To set off each exploding paint bag you will want to hold a baking soda bomb just inside the bag and seal the bag as much as you can before letting the bomb go

glowing art

Then drop the bomb, quickly seal the bag the rest of the way, and quickly set the bag down.  The bag will begin to expand

exploding art

Each bag will continue to expand until it explodes 

Exploding art for Kids

creating beautiful art all over the paper

Amazing exploding art for kids that GLOWS

This fun activity brings Science and art together in a way that is sure to WOW the kids (Exploding glow in the dark art}

Rosie loves exploding art and eagerly watched and waited for each bag to explode

Amazing exploding art & science activity for Kids

And playing in the colorful vinegar paint is always a must

Glowing & Exploding Art for Kids- Whenever Science and art meet it is always a blast!!

Glowing & Erupting Art 
AMAZING glowing and erupting art- where Science an art meet there is always FUN!

Where Science & Art Meet there is always FUN!

Click the photos below to see more EXPLODING ART

Chalk Rockets- these rockets fly high in the air, creating beautiful exploding art all over the pavement.  Way too FUN!            paint bombs
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