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Rosie and Jewel love exploring with Science.  Science experiments for kids are filled with sensory play, hands on learning, and magic (or I guess that is the Science- but shh!)  The experiments we are sharing today are perfect examples of FUN Science!

Science for Kids- Liquid Lab Experiments
4 FUN experiments for Kids that explore liquids, colors, reactions, and more!
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Exploring Liquid Science
Exploring with oil and water is a simple and fun experiment kids love.  Whenever I am trying to get dinner on the table and the girls are melting down,  a tray of vegetable oil with colored water on the side is my go to boredom buster.  As kids drop the colored water into the tray of oil they will discover that the two liquids do not mix.  Instead, colorful water blobs form.

Rosie loves oil and water play so much that I was inspired to set up a Liquid Science Lab and build on her interests.  

I myself was wondering how other liquids would react to oil.  Would they bead up and stay separated the way that water does?  Rosie's hypothesis was that all liquids would react the same.  Do you think she was right?

Liquid Lab Experiment Testing
  • Oil & Water
  • Oil & Vinegar 
  • Oil, vinegar, and baking soda
  • Oil & Bubble Solution
Science for Kids

To set up our liquid lab I filled disposable pie pans with oil.  We began our string of experiments with oil and water so that we could use that as our comparison as we introduced the new liquids. 

Liquid Lab Experiment 1- Oil & Water

To make the varying colored waters I filled small bowls with water and a couple drops of food coloring.  I then gave Rosie pipettes so she could add drops of the varying colored waters to her pie pan of oil.  We used baby oil here because I had a lot of extra on hand, but many other oils will work.  We often use vegetable oil (Please supervise children playing with baby oil as it is not meant for ingestion.  If you are overly concerned use an edible oil)

As I said earlier,  Rosie loves this simple Science experiment!
Science for Kids

Using the pipette is great for fine motor development

Given the different densities and compositions of the oil and water they will not mix.  Instead the water beads up and floats. This experiment doubles as art, too.  Just look at how beautiful the water drops are floating in the oil

Science for Kids

After Rosie made lots of colorful floating water drops she started trying to pop them

Science for Kids

While you can't exactly pop them you can blend colors and even explore color mixing right before your eyes

Science for Kids

You can also bring water bubbles together to make GIANT bubbles

Science for Kids


Liquid Lab Experiment #2- Oil & Vinegar
After Rosie used all of the colored water I refilled the dishes with vinegar and food coloring.  Then Rosie delighted in creating colorful art science all over again.  The vinegar reacted to the oil in a very similar way.  One observation we made was that the colored vinegar blobs generally formed smaller than the water blobs had.

Science for Kids

The real experiment I had in mind for this came after Rosie had added tons of vinegar bubbles to the oil. 

Liquid Experiment 3- Oil, Vinegar, & Baking Soda
 Once Rosie was almost out of vinegar, I surprised her by pulling out a box of baking soda. 

Science for Kids

Before adding the baking soda I asked her what she thought would happen.  She told me it would fizz.  A logical guess from a kid who plays with baking soda almost daily.  I myself was very curious to see what would happen.

This was so cool!  The vinegar blobs started bubbling and fizzing, at first very slowly

Science for Kids

Then, as the baking soda sunk further into the oil and mixed, the vinegar blobs erupted in true fashion

Science for Kids

What was so cool was that while they erupted the blobs also stayed separate, a result of the oil

Science for Kids

Another observation was that the vinegar and baking soda reaction was very different.  It moved slowly and lasted longer.

Erupting Color Blobs- Seriously so cool!

Science for Kids

We added more and more baking soda until we had a big messy pie pan of ooey gooey colored glop


Liquid Lab Experiment 4- Oil & Bubble Solution
Ok, I was not expecting this next experiment to be as AWESOME as it was!  You have to love when that happens.  For this experiment Rosie added the colored bubble solutions just as she had the water and vinegar.

Science for Kids

Only this time the colored blobs did not stay separated   Instead,  they came together within the oil to form liquid rainbows!

Science for Kids

The more bubble blobs Rosie added the more beautiful the liquid rainbows got!

Science for Kids

Science for Kids

Rosie LOVED this!

Science for Kids

I mean I do have to say, it was pretty cool!

Our liquid lab was so much fun!  After our experiments were over Rosie had lots of fun mixing, pouring, and concocting whatever materials were left over.  You can get all of the ingredients used for these experiments at the Dollar Tree, even the pie pans, making this a frugal activity, too!

Liquid Lab Experiments- Fun Science for Kids
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