Homemade Glow in the Dark Vinegar

Make your own glow in the dark vinegar for Science experiments and sensory PLAY!

Glow in the Dark Vinegar- How to

Make your own glow in the dark vinegar for fun Science experiments and super sensory play.  So many FUN ways to play! ( Click for ideas)

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This glow in the dark vinegar is made exactly like the glowing water colors we created, only using vinegar. Super easy and SO FUN!  All you need is glow in the dark or fluorescent paint and vinegar.  Add a dollop of the paint of your choice to the vinegar in a container and briskly stir until the paint turns to liquid and blends into the vinegar.  You can do this manually, but to make this even easier you can use a mixer or blender.  We used this glow in the dark paint to make the green vinegar below and fluorescent paint to make the others.

NOTE: If left to sit the paint will begin to separate from the vinegar.  Just stir to remix before using in FUN Activities.

You can make a rainbow of glowing vinegar colors!  This vinegar can be used in so many fun ways, too!

  Use it to Make RAINBOW eruptions

Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

Make glow in the dark Easter egg dye

Make erupting paints that GLOW

paint recipe

Above we added the paint to baking soda, but why not make erupting paints in reverse and make vinegar paint.

We are so excited to share NEW WAYS to play with this glowing vinegar.  Check back with us!

Click the photos below for more Glow in the Dark FUN

Amazing experiments using oil and water for kids to explore IN THE DARK.  This is seriously so cool!
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