Ghost Rockets Halloween Activity

Today we are falling into more sensory play alongside Mess for Less.  We have had so much fun working with Vicky to come up with FUN Fall activities.  If you have missed any of our series be sure to check out all the activities at the end of the post.  Today, Vicky and I are each sharing a FUN Halloween Activity.

Flying Ghost Rockets 
Flying Ghost Rockets- these rockets fly high into the air.  FUN Fall Science kids love

Halloween Activity
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Have you ever made Alka seltzer rockets?  They are seriously FUN!  We first tried them after seeing them on Housing a Forest.  Last time we added our own FUN TWIST and used sidewalk chalk to make chalk rockets.  This time we put another fun twist on this activity and made FLYING Ghost rockets.

Flying Ghost Rockets Materials List  (affiliate links provided)
  • Film canisters (we ordered the ones made for kids to use in Science activities- 12 for only $6)
  • Corn starch
  • Water
  • A black marker 
  • Alka seltzer ( we used the off brand tablets they sell at Dollar Tree and they worked great!)
  • Stir stick
Begin by drawing ghost faces on your film canisters.  We used a permanant marker to avoid smears during play, and I later used a magic eraser to remove the marker

Halloween activity

Once dry add a bit of corn starch to each film canister and then fill roughly 1/3 of the way with water.  Then stir well.  We mixed ours as we went, and refilled each rocket several times.  The corn starch and water mixture is essentially homemade sidewalk paint without the added color.  It washes right off the pavement so no worries.

Ghost rockets Halloween activity

Then it is time to PLAY!

You will want to set off one ghost rocket at a time.  Take a piece of Alka seltzer and break it into pieces.  Then quickly drop it in the canister, put the lid on, flip the rocket over, set it down, and stand back

Ghost rockets

The ghost rocket will go flying high into the air

Ghost rockets Halloween activity for kids

These ghosts really fly high, too!

Just look at the force of Science that propels them

Ghost rockets Halloween activity


Rosie loved making the ghosts fly

Flying Ghost Rockets- super FUN Fall Science for kids

And we set off rocket after rocket

Halloween activity

Ghost rockets

Flying ghost rockets

Ghost Rockets Halloween Activity

Further explore Science and add varying amounts of ingredients.  What happens with more or less Alka seltzer?  What about more or less paint?  We had lots of fun experimenting, and I was surprised to discover that some of the ghosts flew the highest when less ingredients were used.

Flying Ghost Rockets
Flying Ghost Rockets- these fly high into the air.  Now that's FUN SCIENCE!
Super FUN Science!

I just love the Halloween Gak that Mess for Less created

Click the photo for the recipe

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