Sidewalk Egg Crack Painting

Words can not express how much Rosie and Jewel loved this activity.  I loved that we used egg shells that would have otherwise been tossed.  Rosie and Jewel loved was that they got to CRACK real eggs and toss them freely at the pavement to create art.

Sidewalk Egg Crack Painting
with Chalk Filled Eggs
Make Chalk Bombs (chalk filled eggs for Sidewalk egg crack painting)

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aka Chalk Bombs

For this Activity you will need emptied and cleaned egg shells, cornstarch, water, and food coloring.  I saved egg shells over a few weeks span, being sure to crack the eggs in a specific manner with this activity in mind. We actually make homemade confetti eggs this same way.

chalk filled eggs

All you have to do is gently tap the top of each egg with the tip of a butter knife when preparing breakfast.  Make a hole big enough to empty the egg into a bowl, and then gently clean the inside by swishing soapy water around.  As I collected the empty shells, I placed them back into the carton and in the fridge until we were ready to make our chalk bombs.  Then, all you have to do is make liquid sidewalk chalk like normal and fill your eggs with it.

Sidewalk egg crack painting

If you are unfamiliar with how to make liquid sidewalk chalk all you have to do is mix corn starch, water, and food colorizing together.  The mixture should be one part corn starch and two parts water.

I used colorful duct tape to seal the eggs, and this worked great!  Then it was time to PLAY!

sidewalk egg crachk painting

The girls delighted in tossing the eggs at the pavement and watching them crack and SPLAT

sidewalk egg crack painting

sidewalk egg crack painting

I had prepared two dozen eggs, and they were gone in a flash.  That was ok though.  Rosie and Jewel continued to explore with their chalk bombshells for quite a while.  They especially loved cracking the eggs that didn't bust by hand, just like one would a REAL EGG!

sidewalk egg crack painting

Sidewalk Chalk is such a fun way to explore in the Summer!
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