Chalk Foam Play Recipe

We have been having so much fun PLAYING with the homemade powdered paint we made the other day.  There are so many fun ways to use it.  This colorful Chalk Foam play recipe was simple and beautiful FUN!

Chalk Foam Play Recipe

Chalk Foam Play Recipe- kids love smearing and blending and squishing and mixing this colorful sensory art foam.  SO FUN!

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All you need is shaving foam and homemade paint powder to make this fabulous sensory art activity.  The paint powder is made from crushed up sidewalk chalk and is really easy to make (Full tutorial here) We began by making multiple foam piles and topping each one with one color.

Chalk Foam Play Recipe

That was lots of fun.  Then we explored color mixing by topping each foam pile with two colors that came together to make a new color during play.  That was also lots of fun and a great lesson in color mixing.   Then we made RAINBOW Chalk Foam mountains.  Those were AMAZING and everyone's favorite!

Chalk Foam Play Recipe- SO FUN!

Chalk Foam Play Recipe

So beautiful and FUN! Don't you just want to put your hands in and squish?

play recipe

Rosie and Jewel loved the colorful chalk foam mounds.  They loved making big foam mountains and then smashing them down.  They loved smearing and blending and squishing and mixing

Play Recipe

The feel of  foam between their fingers always makes them giggle, and the crushed chalk added a fun texture along with all the beautiful splashes of color.

Once mixed you can even use this as a chalk foam paint.  It is FUN for arts, crafts, and even at bath time.

homemade paint reipe
(Click photo to see the fun we had with this paint at bath)

Beautiful Chalk Foam Play Recipe

Beautiful Chalk Foam Play RecipeChalk Foam Play Recipe- so beautiful and FUN!

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