Sidewalk GOO Chalk Play Recipe

Rosie and Jewel loved the homemade quicksand we made last week so much it got me thinking about what other things we could add to GOOP to create new activities and play recipes.  Homemade liquid sidewalk chalk and GOOP use the same ingredients, only in varying amounts.  What about combining these two FUN activities to create a SUPER FUN playtime this Summer?  

Sidewalk GOO Paint

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Painting with liquid sidewalk chalk is lots of FUN!  Painting with GOO chalk is SUPER FUN!

Goo Chalk Play Recipe

We used crushed sidewalk chalk to make our chalk GOO but you could also use powdered tempera paint if you have it.  It has a similar texture to crushed chalk and will produce super vibrant colors.  You could even use food coloring or liquid watercolors, but I wanted our GOO paint to have a super chalky texture so we used crushed chalk.  To crush the chalk we placed it in a zip-seal bag and gently pounded it with a hammer until we had a chalk powder.

I then divided one box of cornstarch into four bowls

Goo chalk play recipe

The girls helped me mix the varying colored chalk powders into the bowls.  We used quite a bit so that we would get vibrant colors and the desired texture (TIP- they sell big boxes of sidewalk chalk at Dollar Tree)

Then we slowly added water and mixed until we had the desired consistency

play recipe

GOO Chalk feels more chalk-like than liquid sidewalk chalk because of the addition of the real chalk. It also produces vibrant colors, making it a great substitute to using food coloring or liquid watercolors.  The consistency is SO FUN!

play recipe

It acts just like GOOP.  You can pick it up and watch it turn from a solid to a liquid before your eyes.  Move your fingers and hands in patterned ways to create fun sidewalk art or simply let it OOZE!

play recipe

play recipe

Jewel liked using it like a regular fingerprint, too

play recipe

Stomping in GOO puddles and making OOZING footprints was also lots of FUN

Sidewalk GOO is messy but that's ok.  It washes straight away with a hose 

You can also add baking soda to your mixture to make FIZZING sidewalk GOO!  All you have to do is use half baking soda and half cornstarch when mixing your dry ingredients like we did when we made fizzing squirt chalk.

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More FUN is on the way!  Check back with us!

Sidewalk GOO Chalk
Sidewalk GOO Chalk recipe
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