Homemade Bubble Bath Paint- Guest Post from Make, Do & Friend

I am so excited to have the lovely Charlotte from Make, Do, & Friend guest posting today!  Charlotte loves messy play just like we do,  and I can only imagine how much fun her and I would have getting messy with our little ones if we lived closer.  


Hi, I'm Charlotte and I blog over at Make, Do & Friend where I share creative play ideas and fun with my 2.5yo son Vincent. I'm soo excited to be sharing over here at Growing a Jewelled Rose, I know Crystal and her girls love bathplay so I'm guessing you guys do too!

I don't know if it is a boy-thing to hate bathtime, but Vinnie does (also not keen on face wiping, nose blowing or handwashing!) - but he will happy paint for hours. I thought we had found the perfect compromise when we made shaving foam bath paint - but the foam left the water grimy and my kiddo smelling like an aftershave counter and I had to wrestle him back in for a second shower!

DIY bathpaint

So I came up with another option, using bubble bath and food colouring. The mixture was runny so I stirred in some cornflour to thicken it up - I later googled this and realised that this wasn't as original as I thought, but this recipe is what I came up with:
1. Fill up your container (we used a plastic shot-glass holder - because when would I ever get an opportunity to drink actual shots?!) about half full with a clear bubble bath/baby shampoo
2. Stir in 2tbsp cornflour - the mixture gets thicker as you stir so keep going to make sure it's fully incorporated
3. Add a few drops of food colouring, we started off with pastel shades and just kept adding till we got a colour I liked
4. Run a bath!
We made the mixture in the middle of the day so it sat in the bathroom for a couple of hours before bathtime and needed an extra stir before we used it. Then paint away...

Homemade Bathpaint recipe

I like to think of this as the self-cleaning bathtime - the walls, bathtub and Vinnie got painted, then it rinsed clean and he smelt lovely afterwards!

Bathpaint Recipe

So there you go friends - super quick bathtime incentive for reluctant bathers! How do your kiddos like to play in the bath?
Charlotte is a twenty-something mum to Little Vin, early years childminder, playdough maker and believer in the power of playdates. Check out the fun over at Make, Do & Friend, on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
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