Warm Ways to Play With Snow

My girls LOVE playing in the snow.  They could play and play and play, but sometimes this mama is COLD!  Bringing the snow indoors is one way to let kids play and enjoy the snow while everyone is cozy and warm.

Bringing the Snow Indoors
All you have to do is fill a sensory bin with the snow from outside.  Once inside there are so many ways kids can play and explore with the snow.

Add scoopers and other kitchen gadgets for a bit of simple exploration

snow play paint the snow Winter activity

Give kids spray bottles of colored water or liquid watercolors so they can paint the snow

snow play paint the snow Winter activity

Paint brushes and colored water make for another fun way to PLAY

Sand toys are great for use in the snow.  Add a few to the bin and kids will have lots of fun digging, scooping, and building snow castles

This is always a big hit with my girls

They also love playing with cars and trucks in the snow

A Few Other Ways to Enjoy Your Snow Indoors

like Happy Hooligans

Make Ice Cream from the snow you bring inside
Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Explore Science with a Snow Volcano
How to make a snow volcano

We did this outside, but the activity could easily be set up inside in a large container or sensory bin.


If you don't have real snow there are tons of homemade snow recipes you can make and enjoy from the comfort of home, too!  Visit our snow recipes collection for ideas.

An amazing collection of snow play recipes from Growing a Jeweled Rose- so many fun ideas for Winter Play!

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