Snow Shooters

I put this simple toy together for Rosie and Jewel, and they have been having lots of fun playing together.  These snow shooters are a great boredom buster for the Winter ahead.  They are also very easy to make.

Snow Shooters
Snow shooters- easy to make toy for kids
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To make snow shooters you will need:
  • 2 white cups
  • black and orange craft foam
  • 2 white or black balloons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Making the snow shooters only took me a few minutes.  I began by cutting the bottom off of two white cups.  Then I took two white balloons and cut the tops off of those to create a larger opening.  This made it easy to stretch the balloons over the cup bottoms.  I layered the bottom rim of each cup with glue before pulling the balloons over the openings.  I used a glue stick, but hot glue would probably work even better.  Once the balloon pieces were secured I decorated the front of the cups to look like snowmen using craft foam

Snow shooters

Once dry you can give kids cotton balls, white pom poms, or balled up paper to shoot at each other.  All they have to do is place the "snow" inside and gently pull back on the balloon

Snow shooters

The snow will go flying!

We used cotton balls for our snow.  Rosie and Jewel have been having lots of fun shooting snowballs all over the house, and especially at each other.  One thing I love about this toy is that clean up is a breeze.  It only takes a minute to gather up the snowballs and tuck the snow shooters away for another day.

Snow shooters
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Happy Playing!
Snow Shooters

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