How to Grow Crystals

March 14, 2013
We recently shared how to grow crystals and grew our very own jeweled roses.
We had so much fun with this experiment the first time we decided to revisit in only this time we tried to grow glowing crystals!
How to grow glowing crystals
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This was completely experimental.  I wasn't sure if the crystals would glow or not but I was so pleased with how they turned out.  

To grow you own glowing crystals you will need:
We have been having lots of fun with space activities this week so I decided to make our crystals in space shapes.  I formed pipe cleaners into space shapes and placed each shape in it's own container.

how to grow crystals

Confession time- some of you may know that I hardly ever measure ingredients for recipes. This was no exception. I boiled water in a large pot. Then I poured what I thought I needed to fill each container into a bowl, added paint and a hefty amount of borax, and stirred until the materials were dissolved. I did one color at a time, and then poured the mixtures into the containers, making three colors. I had planned to make four colors of GLOW crystals but I had made so much blue that I just used that for two of my containers.
how to grow crystals
Fancy play kitchen utensils used to hang the pipe cleaner shapes

Now if you are not like me and prefer to measure out your materials you can follow these measurements for growing your own crystals. There is even a video which I found helpful when we grew our own crystal roses.

I checked our crystals after only 8 hours and was amazed to discover the space shapes covered! I was even more amazed when I placed them under the black light!

how to grow crystals
how to grow glowing crystals
Not only did the crystals glow but they glowed BRIGHT!

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