Space Activities- Homemade Geodes

We have been having tons of fun with space activities this week and this next activity has been one of our favorites so far!  We grew our own glowing space geodes.  If glowing activities are not your thing don't write this activity off- the results are AMAZING whether or not you grow plain or glowing crystal geodes.

Space Activities- Homemade Geodes

These Space Geodes were completely experimental and I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out.  I had been wanting to try making homemade geodes since I saw them on Tinkerlab.  When the idea to try making GLOWING homemade geodes came to mind I couldn't wait to see if this experiment would work!

To make Glowing Space Geodes you will need:

First decide how many geodes you want to make.  Then gently tap the top of each egg shell to create an opening and empty the eggs into a bowl.  Gently wash and scrape out the egg membrane from each inner shell.  I used my finger under running water to remove them.  This thin layer can discolor the geodes if not removed.  

For each geode you want to make you will need 1/4 cup of almost hot water, 1/8 cup of borax, & a few teaspoons of the glowing paint of your choice. If the glow effect is not desired simply skip this step.   I didn't measure the paint.  I just added a bit along with the borax in a bowl.  

space activities- homemade geodes

Then I added the water and stirred until the paint and borax were dissolved.

Note- borax should always be handled with caution.  It is not safe for ingestion.  Please use supervision and your own judgement and keep the geodes out of reach of children who might be tempted to eat them.

Once the borax and paint are dissolved pour the mixture into your egg shell

space geodes

A muffin tin works great for keeping the eggs upright.  We made 6 geodes all together- one for each muffin slot.

Let your egg geodes sit for several days.  As the geodes sit most of the water will evaporate.  After four days I emptied whatever water was left from our geodes and was so anxious to get them under the black light to see if the experiment had worked.  It did indeed!

GLOWING Space Geodes

glowing space geodes
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I decided to call these glowing geodes space geodes to make them even more FUN!  Rosie is really enjoying all of the space activities we have been doing and the space theme really captures and ignites her imagination!

homemade geodes- space activities

I was so pleased with how amazingly vibrant our geodes turned out!

space activities

And with the lights on- equally as pretty!

I haven't even presented these to Rosie yet.  I want to find a fun and exciting way for her to discover them.  She is at such a magical age and her finding space geodes would be so exciting to her!  Perhaps I will whip up another batch of MOON Dough or maybe something better.  Check back with us to see what we come up with!

Space Activities-Homemade Space Geodes
homemade geodes homemade geodes

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