Glowing Science for Kids {Salt & Ice Experiment}

One sure way to get kids loving Science is to make it GLOW!  I have had so much fun creating fun Glowing Science activities for kids.  Some of my favorites have been glowing eruptions, glowing oil and water experiments, and growing glow in the dark crystals.  Today, I set up another fun experiment to explore in the dark.

Glowing Salt & Ice Experiment for Kids
Glow in the dark experiments with ice & salt- Science and art come together in this FUN activity for kids!
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Glowing Salt & Ice Experiment Materials List (affiliate links provided )
Start by freezing a large container of water.  I used a pie pan and added glow in the dark paint to the water before freezing to give us a glowing block of ice.  Just before the experiment you will want to make a batch of homemade glowing watercolors.  You can use glow in the dark paint to make glow in the dark water or you can use fluorescent paint to make UV reactive water colors.  We used some of both to give us a rainbow of colors

Glowing rainbow water
(Click the photo for the full tutorial)

Set out salt and a pipette along with the ice and water colors

Glowing Science for Kids

Then it is time to PLAY!

Have kids cover the ice in salt.  We used kosher salt, but any salt will do.  Rosie sprinkled the salt and then spread it around using her hands to make sure the entire ice block was good and covered.  Now is a good time to talk a bit about the Science behind the fun.  What will the salt do to the ice?  Rosie has done this experiment a few times before so she knew the salt would create borrows and tunnels in the ice. 

Now it is time to add color so kids can see the effect the salt has on the ice.  Have kids use a pipette or similar to squirt the colorful water colors onto the ice

Glowing Science for Kids

As the colorful water is added kids will be able to see all the burrows in the ice

Glowing Science for Kids

This is truly beautiful Science and just as much an art activity.  Rosie loved adding the glowing water colors in specific ways to create her ice art masterpiece

Glowing Science for Kids

Glowing Science for Kids

Glowing Science for Kids

Such a beautiful and fun way to explore Science & art in the dark!

Glowing Ice & Salt Experiment

Glowing Science for Kids

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