Glowing Ice Painting

We love playing and exploring with ice and have found all sorts of ways to play!  Some of our favorites have been ice chalk,  ice fishing, and MAGIC treasure ice.  When this idea came to me I was so excited for Rosie and Jewel to try painting with glow in the dark ice

Painting with Glow in the Dark Ice

Painting with glow in the dark ice- so fun for Summer!

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The idea was to make illuminated glow in the dark ice paint.  

Materials (affiliate links provided)


To make our glowing ice paint I filled an ice cube tray with a mix of glowing paint and water.  I added the water to save a little money by using less paint, but this step isn't necessary.  You can use glow in the dark or fluorescent paint.  We used a combination of both to give us a variety of colors.  If you use glow in the dark paint you will need to charge the ice by a light-source right before play.   If you use fluorescent paint you will need a blacklight.

Once I had our ice tray filled with varying colors of glowing paint I stuck glow sticks into each cube before popping the tray in the freezer.  You don't need the glow sticks for your ice to glow, but it sure was a FUN addition!

Glowing ice painting

After 4-6 hours your paint will be frozen and ready for PLAY!

glowing ice painting

Rosie was initially in awe over the ice and had to check it out up close.  It glowed in TWO ways which was what really captivated her.

glowing ice painting

After she analyzed and explored the ice she had tons of fun painting with it

glowing ice painting

Rose painted and played for quite a while.  We got some pretty fun pieces of art as a result, too!

glowing ice painting

This simple activity took minutes to set up and was lots of fun!

Glow in the dark ice painting- so fun for Summer!

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