Homemade Watercolor Paint Recipe

Watercolor paint can be used in so many ways from arts and crafts to play activities and sensory explorations.  Here is an easy and FREE way to make your own liquid watercolor paints.  They are washable, too!

Homemade Watercolor Paint Recipe
Homemade watercolor paints- there are so many ways to use these easy to make paints and they are washable, too!!
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We love making our own paints.  The process is fun, and kids are always so proud of the artwork they create with paints they concocted themselves.  You can make tons of paints using nothing more than what you have at home, and each recipe provides different art experiences and ways to play.  Be sure to visit our homemade paint recipes collection for tons more ideas.

Homemade Liquid Watercolors
  • Dried out washable markers
  • Water
  • Containers
My girls are notorious for leaving the caps off their markers. Once they dry out I save them just for this purpose.  I usually wait until I have three of each color and then tape them together 

This allows the markers to stand in the containers of water by themselves.

All you have to do is let the markers sit upside down in containers of water for several minutes.  You can leave them to sit for more or less time to create varying shades.  

What a great way to use old markers!  Make washable watercolor paints; GENIUS!
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That's it!  So easy, right?  

Make watercolors from old markers

Such a great way to use old, dried out markers!

What a great way to use old markers!  Make washable watercolor paints! GENIUS!
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Store the liquid watercolors and use them for all sorts of activities.  We use watercolors or food coloring in almost every activity we share.  For ideas please take a look around or check out our kids playtime favorites.  

A Few Tips:  You can make a lot of watercolor paint with each marker and might be surprised.  After making a batch I usually store the markers in a zip seal bag.  The next time we need watercolor paint I use the markers again to see if I can get more color from them.  I have also bought new markers to make watercolors in this way.  They are so inexpensive and store bought watercolors cost quite a bit more so why not, right?

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