DIY Dinosaur Eggs for Kids

  Today, I am sharing a new and simple way to make dinosaur eggs for kids using REAL eggs.

How to Make Dinosaur Eggs for Kids

Make REAL Dinosaur Eggs!  Kids will be wowed when they crack these eggs open to discover baby dinosaurs inside!

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Rosie and Jewel loved the hatching dinosaur eggs I made them last year, so I knew they would love dinosaur eggs made using REAL eggs.  Using real eggshells made the eggs even more realistic, and besides that, what kid doesn't love cracking open eggs?

Dinosaur Eggs Materials (affiliate links provided)
To make dinosaur eggs you will first need to save empty egg shells.  We always save ours as we prepare eggs for breakfast.  This is very simple.  All you have to do is gently crack the top of each egg with a butter knife and then peel away the desired amount of shell.  Be sure to peel away any loose shell before emptying the contents of the egg into a bowl

Dinosaur eggs for kids

Once the eggshell is empty gently rinse the inside with hot soapy water.  Allow the shell to dry.  Then take a dinosaur baby and carefully place him inside

Dinosaur eggs for kids

Dinosaur eggs for kids

We bought our dinosaur baby miniatures at Dollar Tree but you can also find them online here.

To seal the eggs take a tissue paper square and cover one side with glue using a glue stick.  Then carefully place the square over the egg opening. 

 You can hide these dinosaur eggs around the yard and send kids on a dinosaur egg hunt.  Give them magnifying glasses to make it more fun.  Or how about setting up a dinosaur small world?   There are so many fun ways you can present these super fun eggs!

Breaking the eggs open to discover the dino babies inside will surely delight the little ones!

Dinosaur eggs for kids

My girls were in awe all over again!

Dinosaur eggs for kids
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Also be sure to check out how we made magic hatching dinosaur eggs using common household items.

Click the photos below for more fun ways to use eggshells after eating the eggs

Fill eggs with paint and toss them at canvas!  This project is surprisingly easy to set up and SO FUN! Sidewalk Smoke Bombs- Fill eggshells with an easy to make chalk powder mixture and let kids delight in tossing them at the pavement to make beautiful clouds of smoke art in the air and neat art effects on the pavement! These are SO COOL! (A great way to use eggshells after eating the eggs) Smoking BOO Bombs- a super fun Halloween activity for kids.  These are easy to make and cost next to nothing, always a bonus.
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