Disappearing Candy Cane Experiment for Kids

Here is a fun way to use some of those candy canes you are sure to have lying around this holiday.  This experiment is fun for kids, easy to set up, and even a little magical to the younger kids.

Disappearing Candy Cane
Disappearing Candy Cane Experiment for Kids- FUN SCIENCE!
 Experiment for Kids

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Disappearing Candy Cane Materials
  • 3 mini candy canes
  • Hot water
  • Cold water
  • Baby oil
  • 3 bowls or trays
Unwrap the candy canes and submerge one in hot water, one in cold water, and one in baby oil.  Then observe what happens.  

Disappearing candy cane experiment for kids

The candy canes placed in water will begin to lose their coloring and then slowly disappear

Disappearing candy cane experiment for kids

The candy cane placed in hot water dissolves faster, but both disappear pretty quickly

The candy cane placed in oil does not change, not even a little.  No matter how long it sits in the oil it will not change or disappear.  

Disappearing candy cane experiment for kids

We left our candy cane in oil for three days and it never changed.  The other two candy canes were completely dissolved within thirty minutes.

Why?  Why did the candy canes dissolve in the water but not the oil?  What are candy canes made of and why do different liquids affect them differently?  Talk about how water is the universal solvent.  Discuss the composition of a candy cane.  We lightly discussed the Science, but my girls are so little I mostly wanted to let them marvel at the magical disappearing candy cane!

More on the Science behind the fun as well as ways to extend this experiment can be found at Preschool Powol Packets.

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