Hand Print Resist Art

This hand print resist art activity was lots of fun for Rosie, and the piece of art created makes a fantastic keepsake for mom and dad.  I think this would make a great gift for grandma, too!

Hand Print Resist Art 
Hand Print Resist Art-a fun art activity for kids and a great keepsake for mom and dad
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Hand Print Resist Art Materials (affiliate links provided)
  • A canvas or paper
  • Paint
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • A marker or pen for tracing
Begin by tracing your child's hands on contact paper

Hand Print Resist Art

Cut the hand prints from the paper 

Hand Print Resist Art

Peel the back off of the contact paper and stick the handprints on the canvas or paper in the desired location

Hand Print Resist Art

Let little ones paint the canvas or paper

The more of the surface they cover in paint the better

Hand Print Resist Art

Once dry carefully peel the handprints from the canvas or paper

Hand Print Resist Art

Beautiful hand print resist art!

A few tips:  Be sure to push the contact paper down really well on the canvas so that paint does not leak under the hand prints.  Any paint will work for this project, but if using a canvas you may want to use an acrylic paint to prevent chipping of paint.  We actually used washable tempera paint and then sprayed Rosie's artwork with a clear finishing spray once it was dry.  That is another great way to preserve the artwork and prevent chipping.

You could also try this activity with shapes like Mess for Less; a fun way to review shapes while creating art!

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