Candy Corn Volcano - Fall Activity

To me, nothing says Halloween quite like those silly striped candy corns.  I have had lots of fun incorporating them into our October play.  If you missed our other candy corn activities be sure to check out candy corn goop, cloud dough, and puffy paint.  This next activity was really simple to set up, and Rosie had so much fun with it.  

Make a Candy Corn Volcano
Make a candy corn volcano- a super fun Fall Science activity for kids!

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A Fun Fall Science Activity for Kids

Making a candy corn volcano is so simple and lots of FUN!

To make your candy corn volcano you will need:
  • Yellow, orange, and white play dough
  • A funnel or similar shaped object (or you can make the volcano base using foil like we did here)
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • A squirt bottle
We used store bought play dough for this activity, but you could also make your own.  I bought three containers of Play-Doh from Walmart for under $2.  They sell the canisters individually.  You will also need a funnel or similar object ( or aluminum foil to shape your own volcano)

Candy corn volcano- how to

We used a funnel this time and it worked well,  but next time I would use an object with a slightly larger opening.  Making the candy corn volcano is really simple.  All you have to do is roll the play dough really thin and then wrap it around the funnel, covering the bottom with yellow, the middle with orange, and the top with white

I forgot to take pictures of us making the volcano, but I am sure you get the idea.  You will also need baking soda and a squirt bottle of vinegar.

We used one of the empty Play-Doh canisters to hold our baking soda, and this worked great.  It fit perfectly under the funnel, and came almost to the bottom of the spout underneath, allowing the "lava" to spew out.  

Make a candy corn volcano for a super fun fall Science activity

Rosie loved making her candy corn volcano erupt

Make a candy corn volcano

She had lots of fun playing scientist and concocting her eruptions. She added glitter to her baking soda to make sparkly eruptions, too! 

Candy corn volcano FUN!

 You could also add food coloring to make the candy corn eruptions colorful.  We didn't this time, but next time we definitely will.

Candy Corn Volcano
FUN Fall Science!

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