Ways to Play with Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is one of our favorite ways to PLAY!  It is frugal, and there are so many easy and FUN ways to use it.  Here is a collection of the ways we have played with shaving cream here on Growing a Jeweled Rose.
FUN ways to PLAY with Shaving Cream

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Freeze shaving cream to make snow.  This snow is icy cold and even melts; perfect for Summer sensory play

play recipes

Make snow paint.  Snow paint is icy cold and dries puffy and raised.  It has a really neat texture and is really easy to make, too!

Whip up a batch of puffy sand paint.  This paint is great for arts, crafts, and sensory play.  Easy to make and SO FUN!

Kid Made Puffy Sand Paint- making the paint is so fun for kids and it is great for sensory play and art activities.

Make an amazing ice cream dough for kids using frozen shaving cream and a few other common ingredients. This frozen ice cream dough feels & looks like real ice cream, and it even MELTS! So fun!

Whip up a batch of Frozen Olaf paint and let kids paint Olaf.  Little fans of Disney's Frozen will especially love this!

Frozen Olaf Paint- this paint is icy cold and dries puffy; the perfect recipe for painting Olaf

Combine shaving cream & ICE for a super sensory experience kids love!  Freeze paint in ice trays to make ice paint & add lots of color to this FUN play time.

Make CRACKLE Foam for super sensory play with sound effects.  You only need shaving cream and one other ingredient, and there are tons of ways for kids to play & explore with this fun sensory foam.

Crackle Foam POPS and fizzles between fingers while kids play.  Sensory play with sound effects- SUPER FUN!

This might be Rosie and Jewel's favorite way to PLAY with shaving cream.  Shaving cream sliding fun.  All you need is a can of shaving cream and a slide, and kids will have a BLAST!

Shaving Cream Sensory Bagwhile adults will find it hard to keep their hands off this squishy sensory bag this activity is perfect for babies, too!  A great way to let the littlest littles in on the FUN. And the best part, all the mess is contained!

Make erupting snow!  This magic snow is so cool and one of our favorite ways we have played with shaving cream.  Make magic snowballs, erupting snowmen, and more!

Make COOL bath paints like this FUN glow in the dark bath paint.  Check out our bath paint collection for more fun ideas.

Play & explore with chalk foam.  This Sensory Art Foam is so colorful and fun.  Kids love smearing and blending and squishing and mixing this colorful foam. Turns to paint as kid's play, too!

Chalk Foam Play Recipe- kids love smearing and blending and squishing and mixing this colorful sensory art foam.  SO FUN!

Make Clouds in a Jar.  This fun experiment teaches kids about weather, all while having fun!

Experiment for Kids- Make a Rain Cloud in a Jar {Fun & educational Science kids LOVE!}

Make your own Sparkle Snow using shaving cream as the primary ingredient.  This snow is mold-able and feels just like fresh powder in your hands.  Pop it in the freezer to make it COLD.

Make princess pies.  These are a girly girls mud pie dream!  My Rosie loved making these fun pretend pies, and they turned out SO PRETTY!

sensory play

Make a fun Halloween bath for kids with floating shaving cream ghosts and more.  See how we made our BOO Bath.  The girls had lots of fun!

Make your own glowing puffy paint for arts, crafts, and sensory play!

Set up a frog pond for some super sensory play.  This activity kept a group of kids entertained for quite a while and only took a minute to put together.  Gotta love that!


Make scented puffy paints for arts, crafts and sensory play.  Some of our favorites have been our  and our candy cane paint & our gingerbread scented puffy paint.  You can make such cool crafts like these:

     Candy cane paint recipes from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Make Freezy Paints.  These paints are perfect for Summer arts and crafts.  They are icy cold, vibrant, and SO FUN!

play recipe

Melting Snowman Bath.  This bath was so fun for Rosie and Jewel and let them play in the "snow" all while staying warm.

Winter Activities for Kids

Make bath sand for fun bath time play.  100% bath safe and super fun!

Beach Bath

Make Frozen Ice Paints.  Frozen ice paints are icy cold and super sparkly.  

 Homemade Frozen Ice Paints inspired by the movie; these paints have the most glorious fluffy and icy texture

There you have it.  Over 20 FUN ways to PLAY with shaving cream.  I will add more to this collection as we PLAY!

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